Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Human Fooseball

So we all love fooseball... so why not human fooseball?!?! I figure I'd do my review since I know alot of you are in YM/YW... We had a GREAT combined activity tonite... (No we weren't in charge but I'm telling you anyway!) They mapped out the basketball court to be a big fooseball table... there was a net on each end... then split in two teams... (they marked the line with different colored duct tape). They had each teams line facing towards their goal... and bought soft soccer-size balls made out of soft bands so there was lots of air and they could bend esaily... NOT DODGE BALLS... (the kids will kick it hard N you don't want to have a bunch of bloody noses! I've seen other people set it up with big poles everyone holds onto... but if you want to save money and don't have a ton of PVC pipe laying around... our ward just hooked elbows... which ended up being really fun since they could move easier and slide from left to right... We used 3 balls so there was activity everywhere... they had the YM leaders as refs with whistles and would give out penalties if people moved too far off the line or used their hands...
Anyhew at first I was worried the kids might get bored of it and it wouldn't take up the whole time... but they LOVED it... everyone had a great time... even the leaders ;) Every 15 minutes or so we would change up the lines... move the people on defense to the middle or whatnot so everyone did different areas... I think it helped keep it interesting...
Anyhew... It would be pretty easy to set up... just find some nets and get some cheap balls (no pun intended;) You could prolly find em at Big Lots or whatnot.
Just thought I'd throw it out there if you haven't done it or ever need a joint activity!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our other new baby!

So this is our "other" new addition! (besides the debuting in December baby that's baking in my belly...) His name is Zeke and we adore him. We call him Zeke-a-Leak... cuz when we first got him he peed ALL the time. He's way better at it... but now when we take him out to pee he literally pees forever... today I swear it was over a minute and a half long.
He is THE sweetest little pup. Always smiling... or snoring if he's sleeping. This was on his first trip to the dogpark after getting all his shots... Him and bailee get along great...
As do him and Remi... and any other dog he meets;) Even better... Danny's sister Tifany ended up adopting his sister... so they are twinners and get to play all the time! They are so stinkin cute. He likes to think he is a big dog already... he's a newfoundland mix.... So supposedly he's going to get reall big. His dad looked like a bear... literally. The mom wasn't nearly as big though. Sad story his mom died a few weeks after we got Zekester. She hopped her fence and got hit by a car... twice... I don't think Zeke can jump that high ever... he's not nearly as graceful as Bailee is. We see Bailee sprint across the yard like a gazelle... then the big black blob follows behind... well.. a big black blob with a pink tongue dangling out... anyhew! We love him!

In case you hadn't heard....

We're having a baby;) Most of you probably know since we told everyone ages ago... but... tadahhh! I've been supersick and haven't wanted to put clothes on let alone update the bloggityblog... so... better late than never! I'm too lazy to take a pic of the real one. We got the 1st ultrasounds... but it was just a tadpole then... and my stupid expensive heavyduty printer decided to stop scanning... grrr.) So i can't justscan that either... So use your imagination... hopefully i'll have it figured out by the next ultrasound!

The first appointment was interesting to say the least... but oh well! The doctor decided to spend forever trying to figure out if there we're two babies in there... he finally decided there wasn't... but we did get to see it and hear the heartbeat really early... so I can't complain!

We went to the doctor again today... supposedly we are around 13 weeks... we got to hear the heartbeat again! SOOO much fun... and reassuring. I've realized that i'm very impatient about this stuff. I want to be able to see the baby when ever I want.. and hear it whenever I want... but the doctors won't oblige. jerks. Hearing the heartbeat is just fantastic though... It beats so fast! I swear the kid is running laps in there!

To any husbands or future dads out there... be nice to your wives if they get the morning aka "all-day sickness". It can be a real beast. They aren't making it up. I can attest to that. I know it's totally worth it... but man it drags ALOT out of you during those first few weeks.

Anywa ys... I'm wishing for my tastebuds to return to me... everything tastes different, I always have a nasty taste lingering in my throat that makes me want to hurl... My body is warping in all different ways... I feel like I need a makeover... and yet I wouldn't give it up for anything... ;) So hopefully everything goes well... and in December we'll have a cute little kid poppin out!