Friday, December 4, 2009

I've lost my brain til the baby comes out...

So... I'm glad I live in Murrieta... otherwise I think I would be much much more broke. In the past few weeks I have:

*Left my keys at the bank
*Left my purse at the bank (seperate trip)
*Left my car doors wide open for hours
*Left my dog Bailee outside in the front (though that was partly my husbands fault ;)
*Left my wallet in the cart at BabysRus
*Left my credit card at Albertsons
*Left my groceries at Stater Brothers
*Left my bags at Walmart
*Left my purse in a cart at Joanns while I went off somewhere...
*Left my keys AND wallet at the Post Office

Yeah. Thankfully no one's ever stolen any of it, and usually, if they even notice I've left it there, they either chase after me to tell me or turn it in to a store so I can get it.

UPDATE... so... after writing all the things I've forgotten lately...
I go to leave the house, got my shoes on... my purse/wallet, cell phone, waterbottle, keys, turned off all the lights... open the door, then...
WHOOSH... cold air comes flowing in and I realize I FORGOT TO PUT ON PANTS! Whoops. Add that to the list. Good thing it was cold or I probably never would have realized it.