Friday, December 4, 2009

I've lost my brain til the baby comes out...

So... I'm glad I live in Murrieta... otherwise I think I would be much much more broke. In the past few weeks I have:

*Left my keys at the bank
*Left my purse at the bank (seperate trip)
*Left my car doors wide open for hours
*Left my dog Bailee outside in the front (though that was partly my husbands fault ;)
*Left my wallet in the cart at BabysRus
*Left my credit card at Albertsons
*Left my groceries at Stater Brothers
*Left my bags at Walmart
*Left my purse in a cart at Joanns while I went off somewhere...
*Left my keys AND wallet at the Post Office

Yeah. Thankfully no one's ever stolen any of it, and usually, if they even notice I've left it there, they either chase after me to tell me or turn it in to a store so I can get it.

UPDATE... so... after writing all the things I've forgotten lately...
I go to leave the house, got my shoes on... my purse/wallet, cell phone, waterbottle, keys, turned off all the lights... open the door, then...
WHOOSH... cold air comes flowing in and I realize I FORGOT TO PUT ON PANTS! Whoops. Add that to the list. Good thing it was cold or I probably never would have realized it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Parents Are Awesome

FYI.... in case you didn't know... I scored the Lotto on parents. Just thought I'd share that.
Lately I've seen some not so terrific examples of parents and it pisses me off.... slash makes me sad.
I'm not calling anyone out, but rather just making a generalization of an unfortunate trend I seem to be seeing.
Some "parents" are oblivious to the consequences of their actions. Some think that because they donate the genetic material required to make a child, that they are entitled to the title of parent. Other "parents" seem to be more child-like than thier kids. Some of the bad examples of parenting I get angry about, others just make me sad.
If you make the decision to have kids, and are blessed to be able to have them, you have to realize it's a life-long commitment. As I get closer to having this first kid (who by the way needs to hurry up and get here), I'm becoming more and more aware how every decision you make will affect their lives. Every decision I make does not just effect me, or me and Danny, but also our children, and one day our decisions will have an impact on their children. As soon-to-be parents we are already having to make decisions that will affect our kids... and it's hard to make decisions that might hurt those we love.
Granted, I was a brat sometimes growing up, but I secretly always knew, and have become more aware, how right my parents always were. They are awesome examples of how parents should be. They sacrificed more than I"ll probably ever know. I'm sure it would have been easier to be more of "the friend" parent instead of disciplining. My parents weren't afraid of being "a parent", they were concerned about making sure that they did all they could to help us know right from wrong, and tried their best to give me and my brother every oppourtunity possible to succeed.
They were and always are there for us. They've never made a promise they couldn't keep.
They've never dissapointed me or let me down. I've never been ashamed of anything they've done or said (even the crazy Kenny Loggins stalking).
They've welcomed my husband with open arms and treat him like one of their own, and I know he appreciates it.
So just to summarize, my parents ROCK.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Dresser!

So... I was gonna go garage shopping on Saturday to see if I could find a dresser that I could redo for the baby's room instead of buying a brand new one... but my mom said she had an old one sitting in the garage... and I could do whatever I want with it... ( I needed to make sure I could do whatever I wanted cuz it was an old antique and I knew if it had any value... it would probably be gone by the time I was done with it... but some of the drawers needed repair and it was old and some of the hinges had fallen apart... and there were water stains so it wasn't worth anything anyway...

Anyhew... so I sanded everything down and fixed the doors... and took of the old hinges... then went to town painting it... The most expensive part was just the knobs... had to spend 20 bucks since there were 20 holes... i guess i shoulda puttied half the wholes up before I painted it and only used 10 knobs... but oh well.

I got the little sample paint cans at Lowes for like... 2 bucks each... anyhew... so now I have this super funky dresser for the baby room ;) What do you do ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

VEGAS baby...Barefoot AND pregnant most of the time...

So I never posted our pics from Vegas... so heeeeeere you go! Granted, being uber-pregnant and going to Vegas wasn't quite as fun as Vegas normally is... but we still had fun ;) We went and saw BlueManGroup... which was great... Danny loved it more than I did but I thought it was pretty good. (I wanted to see LionKing... but i got the promise of "next time we'll go to Lion King for SURE....) uh huh. ;) Anyhew... This BlueMan was just DYING to take a picture with me... as you can tell by his face.

This tree was at the Bellagio Conservatory... He was kiiiinda creepy and kept whispering at us... I think he thought Danny was hot...

Classic Danny.... Doing something silly while I'm looking around to make sure there aren't any cops.

Danny was enamoured with this mini-bellagio... it was really cool... they made a miniature of the hotel but made it look really cottage-y... Danny took many shots till he got one with the fountains going off...

I think this is when we took a break from the pool and went to the ESPN zone to watch some of the football games... there was like.... at 2 1/2 hr wait for a table... but then we went upstairs and we got lucky finding a table open in the bar area... which ended up workin out great since we were surrounded by a ton of TVs. Some crazy pregnant lady bumped the pepper shaker with her belly and the thing shattered everywhere... silly pregnant ladies. I went and told the waitress "someone" knocked over a pepper shaker.... i don't think she bought it.

We ended up getting 4th row for BlueManGroup... they actually pulled us aside as we were coming in and asked if we wanted to be part of the show... at 1st we said yes but then realized it was this tiny bit part and they would have moved us out of our seats... to further back ones... so we were really glad we went back and told them no... cuz our seats were AWESOME. 4th row right in the middle.

Me alone with creepy tree...

Danny taking a Dumpty...pardon the pun.
More BlueMan... So my pictures aren't in order.... I'm too lazy to put the BlueMan Pics together...
I loved this tree... it was my favorite... he was like an old soul...

OH and for Serendipity the MOVIE... fans... they just opened Serendipity3 at Ceaser's Palace... I simply ADORE this movie... and have always wanted to eat at the Serendipity in NY... but seeing as I've never actually GONE to NY... I hadn't... So we went... I was hoping to sit outside.. but it was FAAAAREEEEEZING that nite. Some hints if you go there... the desserts loooook amazing. I say LOOK amazing... because I was so saddened to not actually EAT one of their delicious sundaes. We ordered some nachos and this chicken pizza... turns out their portions are HUUUUGE. we were STUFFED. I was literally upset that we bought food and couldn't eat a dessert... it was the main reason I was going... but we couldn't even finish our meals. The pizza was really good. (the nachos... not so much, i've made better at home). Anyhew... It was a cute little place but I still want to go to the NY one... And now I'm better prepared. I'll be going there with only BigHuge Sundae on the brain. (NO not the 1,000 dessert though they do serve it at this one...) Anyhew... there's Vegas.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lion Pillow

I like this pillow much better than the Monkey Pillow... But the Monkey Pillow was my first try... ;) This one was fun and it's about the same size... Now if I can keep the cats from thinking it's a bed and the dogs from thinking its a very large toy.....

Doggy Anxiety Attacks...

Turns out my dogs are spoiled... and they get anxiety attacks when we leave them alone in the house... or outside for that matter... Only at our house... When we ARE home... they are on their best behavior... but we leave and they go SKITZO! We'd been leaving them in the house since it's been so friggin HOT outside... plus the nieghbor dogs are crazy and try to attack our dogs thru the fence... so then our dogs try to attack them... CHAOS. Anyhew... after I came home to THIS (which was the worst by far... usually they just chew some pens or run toiletpaper thru the house) we decided they have to stay outside when we aren't home... so we borrowed a metal dog gate thing that covers the entire fence on the neighbors side... HOPEfully that will stop the destruction! Oh by the way after I took the pictures we saw they had eaten the toggles off danny's xbox controllers as well... GRRRRRRRR. expensive treat!

Course... I try to yell at Zeke and I simply CANT DO IT!!!! He does this double paw thing and looks so scared becuase he knows he did something wrong but isnt sure quite what... so he starts shaking and sits and shakes with both his paws at the same time... I can't help but laugh... I literally had to bury my head and turn away cuz I was smiling and laughing!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

crafty when I wanna be....

So.... I got this idea to make this rug for the baby room while me and my mom were at JoAnns... Turns out I LOVE how it turned out! It's pretty big too! Then I still had lots of extra so I figured I'd keep experimenting... and tried making a monkey head pillow! It's pretty big too... It still needs to get the lumps worked out so it's a bit rounder... but for doing it from scratch and now pattern I think they both turned out pretty cute! And even better... both of em only cost like... 15 bucks total! (I'm a cheapskate... so I like when I save money... what of it?!) Course when you factor in all the time it took to make it I guess it aint so cheap... but it was fun ;) In case you couldn't tell we are going for a jungle! ;) Next up... I wanna try n make a Lion pillow!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They don't have a clue...

These dogs don't have a CLUE whats gonna hit em in 3 months.... Cuz right now we spoil them like crazy... But how can I not!!! I frigggin love these guys!
PS... Zeke looks possessed in this last picture... such a contrast to his actual self... he wouldn't hurt a fly!

This Bird stole the Show...

So I took my new camera to the beach to take pictures of Danny and Nate surfing... But of course there weren't any waves so... I ended up taking a few pics of this "white eagle" that was chomping on a mackerel... Now I'm taking the word of the old men googily-eyed and staring who say this was a cool thing to take a picture of... so I took a few. There ended up being a big crowd of people watching the bird annihilate this dead fish...
There wasn't any surf to watch so this baby took the show!Fig'd I'd share in case theres any bird lovers out there ;)
Or if you just like to see a fish getting gutted by an eagle... I'm just here to please ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Names.... Any preference???

So... we've been debating what we are going to call this baby... I've narrowed it down to 3... I told Danny to choose which... I know he's always wanted to name his 1st boy Carter... but then there was an issue for a bit but now I don't think it will be... but we'd looked at other names so I've got it down to 3...

Carter Wilson Stoddart (Then it gets both sides of the family covered ;)
Cash/Kash/Caash Stoddart (don't know what middle name).
Dane Carter or Dane Wilson Stoddart.

Any one prefer one to another??

there's a funny story with Carter... it's Danny's middle name... and when he had to move to Utah for school for a year he tried to change his name so everyone would call him Carter... but then he'd forget he told everyone his name was Carter... so he'd never turn around or respond when people would say Carter... so he had to just stick to Danny.

(that story wasn't the issue... I just thought it was funny).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doctor's Appointment...

DOCTOR: "So are you feeling the baby move much yet?"

(Doctor is using the little stomach stetheschop-thingy to try and find the heart beat).


(Baby kicks right where the stomach-stetheschope thing is positioned).

ME: "Yep. Felt that one."

The Doc had a hard time hearing the heartbeat since the little guy was moving so stinkin much! Looks like he takes after his dad... already practicing his backflips!

Doc says everything looks great... everything's measuring perfect... yadda yadda... once she could get the heartbeat long enough without the baby's kicking sounds covering it up... she said all that was lookin' great too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009




"Please click-fart."

(...awkward silence as I try to interpret...)

"OHHHH... Click START!"

No wonder it took TWO HOURS and TWENTY-FOUR minutes on the phone with HP "customer service" just to get my friggin expensive printer to start scanning again.

Oh... and there's no WAY that guy's name is Jimmy. Just cuz you pretend your name is a common english name in NO WAY means you suddenly speak fluent english. Or that you suddenly reside in the continental United States...

Gotta love corporate outsourcing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I can't help myself...

So what if I've still got 22 weeks until this little guy is finished baking... I couldn't resist. No it's not the 1st thing I bought either! The day we found out it was a boy I bought this cute little blue beanie with little bear ears on it...

So today I saw these at Target and couldn't help myself... the little striped one was only $1.98 and the other was only $4.... Pardon the clarity of the picture... I couldn't find my camera so I just took it with my phone but there was lots of shadow goin on. Anyhew... i thought they were cute!

Oh... on a side note... out of nowhere I was thinking of funny one-zy sayings and I thought a good one to sell in Vegas would be... "I'm what happens in Vegas." or "What happens in Vegas shows up 9 months later" Not that it's for MY child... but I thought it would be funny. I had seen some funny ones in Vegas when we were there a month ago. But niether of those. But I digress.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Houston...We have a Penis!

**Did that offend anyone... whoops. Well who cares! We're havin a baby boy!! I'm super excited! Partly cuz I thought it was a boy... n it's cool to know I was right! Also cuz it will be a little less frightening for Danny! After seeing Taken he's petrified of having a girl! Plus he can teach him all his favorite things! We did the 3/D-4/D ultrasound thing... It was about a $100 and totally worth it... in my opinion. Especially since it's our first and I'm just so curious! And our first ultrasound was so lame since it was only 7wks.
**One of the first images we saw was of him waving at us! it was when they were doing the b/w 2D since that's how they do gender determination. She said it's definetly a little boy! He kept snuggling up next to the placenta like a blanket. Gross when you think about it... but it was cute to see! he also was moving all over the place! And drinking ALOT! it was crazy you could totally see him swallowing and everything! I totally recommend it!
**If any of you plan on doing this... make sure to start drinking lots of water about a week before you go... Ours were pretty clear for only being 16weeks. (if you don't drink alot of water, it makes the pictures really fuzzy. It increases the clarity of the amniotic fluid or something like that).
**Also... make sure you drink some juice about a half hour or so before you go... I put some in a container and even drank some when I was there... and the little guy was movin all over the place! It has more sugar in it so it get's em all hyped up and wakes em up! The best time to do it is around the 20-24th week if you're doin the 3d/4d stuff... the baby's a little bigger and fatter so it'll look more lifelike. But it's still so cool at 16 weeks! It made it so real! Plus it was fun to have my parents and danny's mom and our niece there since it wasn't thru the hospital! And they take their time and let us see all the fun stuff! Anyways... I digress... I'm just happy it's healthy and human;) And fun it's a boy!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Human Fooseball

So we all love fooseball... so why not human fooseball?!?! I figure I'd do my review since I know alot of you are in YM/YW... We had a GREAT combined activity tonite... (No we weren't in charge but I'm telling you anyway!) They mapped out the basketball court to be a big fooseball table... there was a net on each end... then split in two teams... (they marked the line with different colored duct tape). They had each teams line facing towards their goal... and bought soft soccer-size balls made out of soft bands so there was lots of air and they could bend esaily... NOT DODGE BALLS... (the kids will kick it hard N you don't want to have a bunch of bloody noses! I've seen other people set it up with big poles everyone holds onto... but if you want to save money and don't have a ton of PVC pipe laying around... our ward just hooked elbows... which ended up being really fun since they could move easier and slide from left to right... We used 3 balls so there was activity everywhere... they had the YM leaders as refs with whistles and would give out penalties if people moved too far off the line or used their hands...
Anyhew at first I was worried the kids might get bored of it and it wouldn't take up the whole time... but they LOVED it... everyone had a great time... even the leaders ;) Every 15 minutes or so we would change up the lines... move the people on defense to the middle or whatnot so everyone did different areas... I think it helped keep it interesting...
Anyhew... It would be pretty easy to set up... just find some nets and get some cheap balls (no pun intended;) You could prolly find em at Big Lots or whatnot.
Just thought I'd throw it out there if you haven't done it or ever need a joint activity!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our other new baby!

So this is our "other" new addition! (besides the debuting in December baby that's baking in my belly...) His name is Zeke and we adore him. We call him Zeke-a-Leak... cuz when we first got him he peed ALL the time. He's way better at it... but now when we take him out to pee he literally pees forever... today I swear it was over a minute and a half long.
He is THE sweetest little pup. Always smiling... or snoring if he's sleeping. This was on his first trip to the dogpark after getting all his shots... Him and bailee get along great...
As do him and Remi... and any other dog he meets;) Even better... Danny's sister Tifany ended up adopting his sister... so they are twinners and get to play all the time! They are so stinkin cute. He likes to think he is a big dog already... he's a newfoundland mix.... So supposedly he's going to get reall big. His dad looked like a bear... literally. The mom wasn't nearly as big though. Sad story his mom died a few weeks after we got Zekester. She hopped her fence and got hit by a car... twice... I don't think Zeke can jump that high ever... he's not nearly as graceful as Bailee is. We see Bailee sprint across the yard like a gazelle... then the big black blob follows behind... well.. a big black blob with a pink tongue dangling out... anyhew! We love him!

In case you hadn't heard....

We're having a baby;) Most of you probably know since we told everyone ages ago... but... tadahhh! I've been supersick and haven't wanted to put clothes on let alone update the bloggityblog... so... better late than never! I'm too lazy to take a pic of the real one. We got the 1st ultrasounds... but it was just a tadpole then... and my stupid expensive heavyduty printer decided to stop scanning... grrr.) So i can't justscan that either... So use your imagination... hopefully i'll have it figured out by the next ultrasound!

The first appointment was interesting to say the least... but oh well! The doctor decided to spend forever trying to figure out if there we're two babies in there... he finally decided there wasn't... but we did get to see it and hear the heartbeat really early... so I can't complain!

We went to the doctor again today... supposedly we are around 13 weeks... we got to hear the heartbeat again! SOOO much fun... and reassuring. I've realized that i'm very impatient about this stuff. I want to be able to see the baby when ever I want.. and hear it whenever I want... but the doctors won't oblige. jerks. Hearing the heartbeat is just fantastic though... It beats so fast! I swear the kid is running laps in there!

To any husbands or future dads out there... be nice to your wives if they get the morning aka "all-day sickness". It can be a real beast. They aren't making it up. I can attest to that. I know it's totally worth it... but man it drags ALOT out of you during those first few weeks.

Anywa ys... I'm wishing for my tastebuds to return to me... everything tastes different, I always have a nasty taste lingering in my throat that makes me want to hurl... My body is warping in all different ways... I feel like I need a makeover... and yet I wouldn't give it up for anything... ;) So hopefully everything goes well... and in December we'll have a cute little kid poppin out!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup...

So... This could be thes best and worst discovery all year. Best because I LOVE this soup... Worst because I kept tryin to tell myself it's not THAT unhealthy... but now I know the ingredients! I guess besides the Velvetta it's not too bad??

Anyhew... here's for the Enchilada soup lovers:

1 TBSP Vegetable Oil
1 Lb Chicken Breast
1/2 C Diced Onion
1 Clove Garlic, Minced
4 C Chicken Broth
1 C Masa Harina
3 C Water
1 C Enchilada sauce (I just used the whole can accidently but it turned out good;)
16 Oz Velvetta Cheese (ughhh we were doing so good on the ingredients!!)
1 tsp Chili Powder
1/2 tsp Cumin
1 tsp salt

Add one tablespoon of oil to a lrg pot over med heat. Add chicken breasts to pot and brown 4-5 minutes per side. Set chicken aside. Add onions and garlic to pot and saute over medium heat for about 2 minutes or until onions begin to become translucent. Combine masa harina with 2 Cups of the water in a medium bowl and whisk until blended. Add masa harina to pot with onions, garlic, and chicken broth. Add remaining water, enchilada sauce, cheese, and spices to pot and bring mixture slowly to boil. Shred chicken into small bite-size pieces and add to the pot. Reduce heat and simmer soup for 30-40 minutes or until thick.

* The masa harina is a special mexican flour usually used to make corn tortillas. It'll either be in the flour/sugar aisle or the Ethnic aisle. It was only $2 for a bag.

It makes quite a bit... So use a decent size pot. then just sprinkle cheese and tortillas and devour;)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My $10 Eyeglasses!!

So these are my first successful experience with buying online glasses... You may not consider it a success if you have a thing against orange/white glasses with swirls on the arms... and if so you are just wrong! I love em... Including shipping they cost me 14 dollars! Including the prescription lenses! next time i'll for sure put the anti-glare coating... but I figured i'd just do cheap n easy to see if they were gonna be real crappy quality.

Some hints if you're thinkin bout buying online:
1.ZenniOptical seems to have the best customer satisfaction. Just make sure your prescription is correct (the 1st time i ordered one of the -'s got left off a # and so it was all funky. Not their fault... it was mine).
2.Also make sure you get your pupillary distance from the optometrist if they didn't write it on your prescription. (only takes a sec and they should do it for free. DONT guess.)
3.Check the size of frames you are buying. Most glasses put the size on the arm of the glasses so you can just check yours... if it's rubbed off, just go try on some frames at Wallyworld or wherever and see how big/small of frames you need. (made this mistake with the 1st pair also... i didn't look at the size and they were WAAAY too wide for my head.)

That's it! It's really simple but doing the above saves you from the learning curve. I just bought an expensive pair of glasses at Costco the same day I bought my cheapo ones online... the online ones came sooner.. and i'll probably like em more!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


sooo... we are having a push to get the girls to read the scriptures more... finding ways to remember to read them each day... yaddayadda. One of our cute little girls on Sunday told us how she puts her scriptures under her pillow so if she forgets... her head it's em and tHEN she remembers... anyhew so I ended up making them these pillows with pockets to give em... we used em at mutual and played scripture taboo... whoever gets it first got 1st pick of pillowcase... Ended up being pretty fun.
They are pretty easy to make so it'd also be great for a activity if ya ever need one... (turns out making them all yourself takes a while!! especially when you gotta make 17 of em! ;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

young women's values...

So this is mostly for the girls... I know alot of you mentioned you were in YW... I made these a while back... we made em into posters... figured I'd post em on here in case anyone wants to use em... I have all of em but couldn't post all em at once so I just did 4 on here... If they don't copy well off the blog, just let me know and I can email all of em to you... they are in jpeg format

Parvo Survivor!

I've never been so excited about Bailee Poop in my life! Let me explain...
So... the little pup I wrote about before is out of our lives :( Turns out the lady that we got it from was NOT a very good foster family... THe pup had parvo... and even though Bailee was supposedly up on her shots she managed to get it too!! It was a VERY traumatic experience... we LOVE our little baileegirl. Luckily we caught it early enough and Bailee is bigger so she had a better chance of survival! But it was still scary... and expensive! There's no guarantee of survival with the treatments... We were able to choose outpatient treatment so it made it a little better...
So i've been serving babyfood, pedialite, lamb, chicken, hamburger, cottage cheese, yogurt, scrambled eggs for a week... IN case you don't know much about Parvo its a disease that attacks their intestinal tract... they can't eat and throw up alot and get naasty diahrea... Puppies have like a 80/90% fatality rate. Bailee's over a year old and wieghs over 40 lbs so the odds were better... I've been montoring her 24/7... checkin her bowel movements and etc... anyways she hasn't thrown up in almost 5 days and her stinkies and getting more solid... and she's eating tonns of food and just wants to play ALL the time... so we are officially declaring VICTORY over PARVO! ;) I wish it on NO ONE. It's such a sad, sad thing. When you adopt make sure you have all the information from the agency and make sure it's VALID so you can turn them in if they sell you a dog that is infected. Our little guy had it when we bought him... They are legally supposed to check before they sell you one. I've turned em in to eerywhere I can find... hopefully they won't allow any more pups in that lady's house... Parvo's a VERY contagious disease (canine-specific) and lives for months, sometimes YEARS untreated. ANyhew... lots of information so i'll quit!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Addition!

Yes we are animal lovers... So this is our newest pup! He's one of 17 in the litter! We love him already... though Bailee hasn't quite made up her mind. I'm not sure she wants to share the attention. She's getting better though... I think she also is afraid to play with him since he's so tiny still. She gets in trouble when she chases the cats.. and Zeke is still smaller than Nixon and Taj. He's an Anitolian Shepard mix... so he won't be smaller than Bailee for long!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Alrighty Marcia... so explain the tag thing and then tag me... punk! ;)

What's this all about?

A-Z Tag

A--Attached or single: Attached... BTW 7 years Marcia? ridiculous! I've been married for just over 2... He's a keeper.
B--Best Friend: Danny... duh. You're husband should always be your best friend!
C--Cake or Pie: Niether? If I had to choose i'd say cake... cuz it could be ice cream cake! Ooh and I like my gma's strawberry cake thing... ooh and i love cheesecake! OK it's DEFINITELY CAKE!
D--Day of choice: Anyday off work... I actually enjoy Sundays lately cuz it's different than the rest of the days... and I love Church even though we have the dreaded 1:00 church... and most sundays we get together with family and/or friends to play games... and football games are on...
E--Essential Item: Computer. I seem to be at it non-stop lately!
F--Favorite Color: Bright pink and bright green... who knew. and yellow. and blue.
G--Greatest Accomplishments: Getting my degree.. even though I don't use it much.... I'll never forget the experiences I had and memories made at college!
H--Hometown: Moval... I've moved on!
I--Indulgences: Clearance Sales... Home stuff...
J--January or July: July! January is still too cold... and Christmas just ended so all the Christmas stuff leaves... Definetly July!
K--Kids: Just non-human ones... Taj, Nixon, and our favorite... Bailee... she's a dingo.
L--Life is complicated without: Contacts. I can't see anything anymore without em.
M--Marriage Date: November 17,2006
N--Number of Siblings: Just my older brother brandon...
O--Oranges or Apples: Oranges. definetly Oranges. My teeth are too sensitive with the apples... it gives me shivers sometimes when i bite into apples...
Q--Quotes: All of em. I love em. I should be doing what Marcia does... I look for good quotes all the time.... I think the one I put on my blog heading is super cute..
R--Reasons to Smile: My dog. My husby.
S--Singer/Songwriter: Everything that doesn't swear every other word. Last CDs I got were Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, and Brushfire Holiday. I need to get some new music... it's been a while.
T--Tag 5 Friends: Uhhhh..... who know who reads this... I'll tag Pam, Jen, Shane(Hunter), Melissa ( this counts for 2 since there's 2 melissas on here!)
U--Unknown Fact About Me: I want to take a photography class. no one knew it cuz I jsut decided it.
V--Very Favorite Stores: Ones with clearance signs on em... I love the element store at the outlets. Homegoods. Target.Ikea.
W--Worst Habit: Procrastinating. Not doing laundry.
X--X-ray or Ultrasound: I always loved giving ultrasounds in the training room at school... so ultrasounds.
Y--Your Favorite Food: IceCream. particulary chocmaltedcrunch and cookiedough. Also anything with pepperochinis... except icecream with pepperochinis... that doesn't sound good.
Z--Zodiac: Virgo
**Did you learn anything new?**Will you play?**

New calling at Church!

This Sunday I was released from my calling in Activities :( (I actually really enjoyed it for the few months I was in it!) and accepted 2 new callings.... I'm now an assistant with the Beehives in Young Women's(12-14yr olds)... as well as Assistant Ward Camp Leader! I'm a little overwhelmed but very excited to be able to work with the Young Women! We have a HUGE ward... and lots of Beehives... this last Sunday we had 14 Beehives! Yowza! Looks like we'll have our hands full! "Busy as a Bee".... you might even say! ;) I'm also excited to be able to get involved with Girls Camp! Sure is different than the A-frames we had!

BY THE WAY: Anyone working in Young Women's... if you are doing a googlesearch for images to use... don't type in "young women" and assume that google is going to know what you are looking for... I won't tell you WHAT showed up... but needless to say I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything related to faith, integrity, virtue... ecetera! ((Virtue is the newest YW value... I didn't know they added a new one! and they changed the theme a bit at the end!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bumbling Beginner Blogger....

Soooooo.... Here's a funny story... Audrey kept mentioning how she couldn't ever see her comments on my blog... I kinda just didn't think about it... I don't really know what i'm doing anyway... So I figured I'd try to figure what she was talkin about... And I found all the comments from people since I started the blog! So instead of going through each post i'm just gonna reply to em all here:

So here we go...

Miss Lyndsee-- I'm so sad I didn't see this til now! I used to live in MoVal and I would have gladly rescued you! :) We don't live too far... it's about a half hour away or so... Is it your husband's family thats there? I grew up there... next time you come this way let me know.... My cells on my facebook so you can just call me up and i'll come running!

Melissa Silcock-- SO glad I found you! I think about ya all the time... Especially everytime I have a cheesecake! Littlebabyslickrock is just adorable... along with the rest of your wee ones! I'm gonna email you after this! And yes... my husband is a cutie... haha....

Marcia- Have you heard of California? You should move here. :) I hadn't said it in like... a week so I figure I should. Also... Thanks for defining tagging for me... If I ever tag someone.... You'll be it first... lucky girl!

Melissa Hyde- Little belated but we got that worked out... Your blog is so dang cute... I miss your craftiness to feed off of...

Di- We have 1 dog and 2 kitties... I can't believe you have 3! I'm going crazy with 2! I love em so it's not like I'd ever get rid of either of em... but my limit to indoor cats is one from now on... We have an automatic litterbox and it still drives me crazy how much those things poop!

PamelaKay- Never bounced a check... but overdrafted via checkcard;) I'm not THAT good! ((Up at Ricks when I was living off nothing.... we didn't even have cell phones remember! How Arcaic!))

Christian and Stephanie- Yes... Meteor Showers at Ricks! Also a few in Cali and Utah... But the Idaho ones were the best.... climbing up on some potato mills... or out in the sand dunes.... nothin like it...

Shannon- Happy belated B-day... now i'll never forget your birthday:) And thanks for the congrats!

Anyhew... So I'm learning! gimme a break!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our only Christmas Pics!

Sooo... we didn't take many pictures at Christmas I guess! This is all I have from Christmas... Just a "family portrait" with Bailee-gurl and then one from Christmas morning! We broke away from tradition this year and went out to Danny's sister Trish's house for Christmas Eve... we played games and had some grub... Chad and Dave taught... well... tried to teach us Dominoes. Turns out you don't just stack em up in long trails and then push one over... there's an actual game. Chad had all these funky sayings... that's Chad. Anyways on our way back we were able to still make it to the end of the Mattsen's Christmas thingy... but we missed the Mallow fight:( We spent Christmas Day at my parent's house.... they got their Christmas present early... they now have the largest TV of anyone I know. It's massive. We love it. Brandon gave em a Blu-Ray for Christmas so we basically zombied out on the TV all day! We had a great relaxing day!