Monday, July 5, 2010

HomeRun Derby on the 4th!

What's more American than a little baseball?! For the few hours that weren't hailing/raining/thunderstorming here in Colorado...the boys went and played a little Homerun Derby. They had some fun... and of course Danny dominated. I always wonder what would've happened if he could've been on real teams growing up and had real coaching... He's so naturally gifted sportswise. Maybe it will pass down to Carter... (Crossing fingers... I'm already thinking **Scholarship**)!! A mom can hope!

Anyhew... I took the opportunity to take some pics of Carter with a baseball... Oh and I figured since it's the holiday he could sport the mohawk for real... He's got a good 5 inches on his head now!

The boys had fun and it was nice to be out for a bit. I've been super sick and it was nice to get some fresh air!

We ended up spending the rest of the day at one of our friend Nate's sales earlier this summer, they are a really nice couple and invited us all to come over for some BBQ. Yarik is from Poland and he grilled some burgers and "Real Polish Sausages"... they were DELISH!! We played some games and I found a couch I might possibly like more than the one I have back home! I'm already planning on buying one like it in about a year and a half when we are DONE with summer sales and settled once again. Oh how I long for that!! Oh well... we will make the best of it and hopefully it will be worth it! Happy birthday America!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Creative with Making Carter eat!

So I've been tryin to get Carter to eat some solid foods... (well... anything other than the boob)... It's not going so well... he did ok the first couple bites.. but then he caught on... It ended up going everywhere BUT the mouth... (see feet, belly, thighs, diaper, fingers, ears, hair). I've discovered that he is going to be REALLY good at dodge ball though!
He kept reaching for the bowl though... so eventually I decided to try another angle... I let him get it up to his mouth... and he began slurping it up! Funny huh?! Some still went on him but less than before...
And then Zeke wanted in on the action... so he was more than willing to help clean up! Carter LOVES when Zeke licks his face... A few Dog germs never hurt anybody ;) Well.. at least we tried!!

New Hooter Hider!

So my hooter hider was getting a bit ratty... So I figured I'd try making one with some scraps I had lying around... I think it turned out pretty cute! Well... except I tried using it for the first time this morning and Carter was so enamoured by the colors and patterns he was having a hard time focusing on eating!