Monday, June 28, 2010

California!! Home Sweet Home~!

So Carter and I flew home last week to surprise my dad for a belated Father's Day... WE had so much fun! Carter got to do one of his favorite things a bunch... SWIMMING!! My dad took him in their pool... and we took him to the beach... He LOVED the sand!!! he kept rubbing his toes in the sand... and of course tried ( and succeeded) to eat fistfuls of muddy sand!
We wish Danny could have been there but he's working super hard this summer... But we'll have plenty of beach time when we get back to California. ((I've got this grand idea that I want to rent out a beach house for a month or two when we get back... Hopefully we can work it out!)) I'm pretty sure we are doing the summer sales deal for one final summer... so I want Danny to relax for a while when we get back. Crossing Fingers! I just keep telling myself... ONE more summer... ONE more summer... then we can actually settle down again. It'll be worth it and we'll be thru with summer sales before Carter's old enough to remember it!! Plus it will be nice to have Danny all to ourselves for a few months once October comes and we can play, play, play!!

Carter's 1st Baseball Game!

While down in California... I took Carter to his first baseball game! It was just for the Storm... It's the minor league team for the Padres... It's usually a fun time to go to... Turns out if you take 10 recyclable cans/bottles, they let you in free!! So we went with my parents and some people from their ward... Carter LOVED Thunder, their mascot... so it gives us hope for Disneyland when we get back home!!
I just love this kid.... and he did pretty darn good! He got a little hungry so I ended up getting into the nurses station to feed him.. then he got tired around 9 so we took off (Storm were winning;) Overall it was so fun and great to spend time with the fam!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shenanigans from Colorado...

So... I haven't posted in forever... I think only once since we've been in Colorado... Our laptop is on the fritz and we aren't buying a new one til the summer's over... in case Danny wins one ;). We've had our ups and downs so far... the downs mostly dealing with the crazy, often crappy weather here... Anyhew... here's a few pics of Carter for those who don't see the millions I post on facebook!
Here's naked Carter!!! We were getting ready to go swimming... (sunny day)! I was lotioning him up and I had to take a pic!This is Carters favorite thing at the moment... CHEWING. Chewing on EVERYTHING. Yes his hair is that long. I know I shouild cut it... but I just can't yet. It's like... 4 1/2 inches on top. I combed it all forward this day... I just LOVE it when he's smiling!! Caught a few pics turing a gigglefit... If you see Zeke's paw in the corner... he probably started laughing cuz Zeke was licking his face... He LOVES it. And he loves Zeke... Zeke is so good with him... he lets Carter crawl all over him!
This was one of the first times he sat up by himself... looking all handsome and such... I just LOVE this little man! Oh and he's sitting up all the time now! He's soooo close to crawling. He gets up on his knees and hands... and then face-plants... then slugs... and starts over.. So close. He'll get it really soon.
I just LOVE how fun he is with baths now... since he can sit up he splashes around the water... he loves to play with the water as it comes out the spout.... oh and eat the bubbles! Then when he gets out he's so happy and rolls all over the place all nekked... so cute... unless of course he poops... which he did earlier this week... all over the floor. Eh... that's what dogs and steam cleaners are for! ;)
Well, I'll post more soon now that I have a computer that will charge!