Monday, January 17, 2011

PennyPickles Museum

We went to PennyPickles... the Children's Museum in Downtown Temecula last week... Carter's still a bit young for it... but he had fun anyways!! It's a really cool little place that Carter will just love more and more as he gets bigger... it's great to have a fun little place so close! He loved the music room the most... there's also a clock room, a black light room, a kitchen, a wierd bathroom/science experiment room... and they do little science experiments outside too!
Chicks love superheroes... and I love him! He's such a doll and he's getting so fun!! Love him to pieces!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pet Peeves

OK... so... here's some of my pet peeves.. just for kicks n giggles. Got any to share?!

*Fat, frumpy "trainers" at the gym. It's like a 50yr old man being your waitress at Hooters. It's just not right.
*Speaking of Hooters and the gym... the recent divorcee at the gym who got new triple E tata's and wears her tank top beyond the bounds of decency... seriously. I can see nipple. I get it, you are proud of your pricey new funbags and lookin for love... but I just don't want to see it.
*People who wear street clothes to the gym... as in... jeans or dockers. Really? You want to run a few miles in your levis? Doesn't that chaf?
*People who spend their ENTIRE time talking on their cell phones or reading a book at the gym. Put it down for a few... raise your heartrate a bit... make it worth it. You look like an idiot... if you pedaled that slow on a real bike you'd fall off.
(Sorry... I just got back from the gym!)
*Target cashiers constantly peddling their stupid RedCard Credit/Debit card on me EVERYTIME I go to Target. I DON'T WANT IT! It's worse when they try to make me feel like an idiot for NOT doing it. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to go to Target (GASP!) because I don't want to deal with it.
*Christmas lights left up all year round... but not lit. I mean... if you are going to leave them up... at least get good use out of them.
*Being in the presence of a friend and they spend the ENTIRE time on their cell phone. It's so annoying... and really... is the message that you just would rather us not be there? I get it.. you're cool.
*My nephew having to say LEEEEHGO every 20 minutes. (Love ya Ricky.. but it gets annoying... expecially now that Danny does it!!!)
*My husband/Nephew not being able to have a conversation without reference to BlackOps.
*Anything XBox related. I cringe.
*People abusing Craigslist. I am so annoyed when I post something for sale and I get emails for thier get rich quick schemes.
*When people take their sweet time crossing the street as you are wishing to make a right turn... I just want to put my car in neutral and rev the gas to scare them...
*People with junky cars driving like bats outta hell... They have no regard for other people's cars... probably don't have insurance... and probably won't stop if they do hit you. It's not that they have junky cars... I've had one... doesn't mean I'm on a mission to destroy all cars worth more than $500 dollars.
*The chirping of smoke detectors when the battery gets low... so many times w've changed the batteries out, or left the batteries out completely AND disconnecting from the ceiling wires.. and they still chirp... resorting us to chucking the thing inside our car at 3am so we can sleep.
*All the illiterate kids these days. Seriously... if you have many teenagers as friends on facebook... it's shocking how bad their spelling and grammer is. Yet they know EVERY word to Lil Wayne's "Gonorrhea" song. Love them to pieces... but it's sad.
*Lil Wayne. He's such an shining example of whats wrong with kids these days. He's disgusting... I'm afraid to look directly at him when he's on TV for fear that i'll get HepC just looking directly as his image. He can't even rhyme half the lyrics in his "songs" and it's not even really his voice most the time. At least Snoop and Eminem are talented... I can respect that...
*Dont even get me STARTED on Lady GaGa and Ke$ha. Just watch a recording of the New Years Eve performances and it should explain it all.
*Resort fees at hotels... have you booked a hotel in Vegas in the past few years? You have to be wary because they quote you one price for the hotel... then you get there and tack on another $20 MANDATORY per day for a "resort fee" to use the pool etc. Really? that's not included? I saw one that was $40.. and the hotel wasn't even ON the strip.
*Having to push 1 for english.
*Skinny Jeans. Maybe it's bc I have a huge behind... but too many people wear them that SHOULDN'T. Also that every store I look I can't find NORMAL bootcut jeans. Also that people wear skinny jeans and have muffin tops. If ya AINT SKINNY-- you probably shouldn't be WEARING SKINNY JEANS!!!
*BEES. I HATE bees. And wasps... and Hornets... and yellow jackets. Paranoid is probably more accurate.
*SMOKERS who leave their butts all over the ground. Really? Somehow your empty cigarette butt isn't littering? You think it's pretty to have these nasty butts all over the place? I want to sweep them all up and dump them on their doorsteps. Or onto their dinner plates.

OK there's more but i'll stop for now... got any fun ones to share? ;)