Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a GIRL! Kestlee Marie Stoddart... Can't wait to meet ya!

So..... we are having a GIRL!!!! I've had the name picked out since... well... like 7 yrs ago.. So if you don't like it I don't care... cuz as soon as I heard it I knew its what I wanted to name my girl if I had one... thankfully Danny (says he) likes it... so I finally get to use it!
I'm a little excited... I would have been happy with either obviously... it would have been cute to have Carter have a little bro close to his age... and I'm sure Danny would've had a blast... BUT... when I'm pregnant I'm miserable and don't even want to THINK about having another child after this... but of course if it was a boy I know I'd want to give it at least one more try ;) It's nice to have the pressure off me ;) I'm not one of those "Oh I love being pregnant!" people... I'm miserable for about 85% of the time.
Anyhew... I kept thinking it was gonna be a girl... this pregnancy has been SOOO different than with Carter. I've been even sicker... it's been much better lately... I only *think* about throwing up every few hours instead of actually doing the deed.
With Carter all I wanted was veggies with dip and fruit... and tons of ICE COLD, bottled water. I still crave the uber cold water... but this chick wants the fatty stuff like no one's business. Stuff I don't even like to eat a ton of. And SODA. She wants her soda. I had to drive to Chipotle today for lunch... (I normally do NOT like Chipotle... turns out this baby prefers Qdoba too... but she thought she wanted Chipotle...)
I never got much cravings with Carter at all that I just had to get right that second... maybe the mcdonalds ice cream cones... but I can't blame that solely on the baby.. I did that sometimes when I'm not pregnant. This girl wants something... she demands it.
I can't eat Chicken... any form. I hate the smell of it. I don't want to look at it. I have to make Carter Chicken nuggets since its one of the only meats he'll eat... but I hold my breath and sit far away til it's gone.
She's already kicking like CRAZY. She wouldn't stand still at the ultrasound. Danny thought I was hallucinating when a week or so ago I told him I could feel the baby kicking. The guy that did the ultrasound just laughed when he was trying to get a still pic... he was like... "Can you feel the kicking yet? Cuz this baby is MOVING like CRAAZY!" (in a brazillian accent... he was from Brazil but whiter than me... and being from Brazil he of course made a reference that I better start liking soccer).
Anyhew.. we are super excited and can't wait to meet our Kestlee Marie Stoddart!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Horrible Haircut Day...

Well... we had a VERY traumatic experience this morning... Danny needed to get a haircut... and Carter's been needing one too... his hairs getting so long and poofy and we thought it was time to get it actually cut.... He's always done well when I just do it here... so we didn't think it'd be a HUGE issue... BOY WERE WE WRONG!!
Imagine taking your kids to get shots... x's 10...
(about 15 seconds in...)
(VERY Unhappy boy... it's ok bud I don't look good in teal either...)
(We tried having him sit with Danny holding him... and his head.. since he was thrashing so much he now has a big gouge in the back of missing hair... and a few nics on the ears... so we had to forcibly hold his head in place while she tried as best she could to finish fast..)
We weren't above bribing.. suckers, his Dale stuffed animal, a Pinocchio book...
We finally took a break at this point... Danny got his hair cut and I walked around trying to get C to stop sobbing uncontrollably... we finally got most of the sniffles under control with an episode of Yo Gabba on my phone... But when I sat down with him at the chair while watching it... he didn't fall for our tricks and freaked again... (obviously pictures were not a priority at this point... getting the screaming, terrified kid OUT of that chair WAS!)...
Here's Carter pouting after he was done... I think he was sad he didn't have his beautiful mane of hair anymore ;) I hated the haircut by the way.
While Carter and Dadda got in the shower... I ran to Target and got him a few of his favorite things... popcorn, peanut butter M&M's, soda, and we put on some Yo Gabba Gabba and put Dale beside him... and Carter had his own little pity party...
About 1/2 a bag of peanut butter M&M's, ALOT of soda, and many handfuls of popcorn later life was getting better... coincidentally those were a few of Daddy's favorite things as well... so they chowed down together.
Needless to say, Carter won't be getting another "professional" haircut for quite a while... I'll stick to my makeshift haircuts for a while. He's now taking a long nap and hopefully doesn't have any nightmares over this!!

Just like Grandpa...

When my Dad was little he always liked Dale from Chip N Dale... (He even has a Dale hat that he wears to Disneyland sometimes... Carter thinks it's cool)... Anyhew... I took Carter to the Disney Store at the mall here... and there were a couple Dale stuffed animals... Carter grabbed hold of one... and wouldn't let go.
It was too cute... He cried when I took it away for 2 seconds so they could scan the barcode...
After that he took it everywhere with him the rest of the day and just kept hugging Dale... it was SO stinkin cute!!
Looks like he likes Dale... just like Gpa!
They climbed the caterpillar...
flew in a rocket ship...
climbed thru the tunnel...
Pretty much everywhere Carter went the rest of the day... so did Dale. Too cute.