Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Alrighty Marcia... so explain the tag thing and then tag me... punk! ;)

What's this all about?

A-Z Tag

A--Attached or single: Attached... BTW 7 years Marcia? ridiculous! I've been married for just over 2... He's a keeper.
B--Best Friend: Danny... duh. You're husband should always be your best friend!
C--Cake or Pie: Niether? If I had to choose i'd say cake... cuz it could be ice cream cake! Ooh and I like my gma's strawberry cake thing... ooh and i love cheesecake! OK it's DEFINITELY CAKE!
D--Day of choice: Anyday off work... I actually enjoy Sundays lately cuz it's different than the rest of the days... and I love Church even though we have the dreaded 1:00 church... and most sundays we get together with family and/or friends to play games... and football games are on...
E--Essential Item: Computer. I seem to be at it non-stop lately!
F--Favorite Color: Bright pink and bright green... who knew. and yellow. and blue.
G--Greatest Accomplishments: Getting my degree.. even though I don't use it much.... I'll never forget the experiences I had and memories made at college!
H--Hometown: Moval... I've moved on!
I--Indulgences: Clearance Sales... Home stuff...
J--January or July: July! January is still too cold... and Christmas just ended so all the Christmas stuff leaves... Definetly July!
K--Kids: Just non-human ones... Taj, Nixon, and our favorite... Bailee... she's a dingo.
L--Life is complicated without: Contacts. I can't see anything anymore without em.
M--Marriage Date: November 17,2006
N--Number of Siblings: Just my older brother brandon...
O--Oranges or Apples: Oranges. definetly Oranges. My teeth are too sensitive with the apples... it gives me shivers sometimes when i bite into apples...
Q--Quotes: All of em. I love em. I should be doing what Marcia does... I look for good quotes all the time.... I think the one I put on my blog heading is super cute..
R--Reasons to Smile: My dog. My husby.
S--Singer/Songwriter: Everything that doesn't swear every other word. Last CDs I got were Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, and Brushfire Holiday. I need to get some new music... it's been a while.
T--Tag 5 Friends: Uhhhh..... who know who reads this... I'll tag Pam, Jen, Shane(Hunter), Melissa ( this counts for 2 since there's 2 melissas on here!)
U--Unknown Fact About Me: I want to take a photography class. no one knew it cuz I jsut decided it.
V--Very Favorite Stores: Ones with clearance signs on em... I love the element store at the outlets. Homegoods. Target.Ikea.
W--Worst Habit: Procrastinating. Not doing laundry.
X--X-ray or Ultrasound: I always loved giving ultrasounds in the training room at school... so ultrasounds.
Y--Your Favorite Food: IceCream. particulary chocmaltedcrunch and cookiedough. Also anything with pepperochinis... except icecream with pepperochinis... that doesn't sound good.
Z--Zodiac: Virgo
**Did you learn anything new?**Will you play?**

New calling at Church!

This Sunday I was released from my calling in Activities :( (I actually really enjoyed it for the few months I was in it!) and accepted 2 new callings.... I'm now an assistant with the Beehives in Young Women's(12-14yr olds)... as well as Assistant Ward Camp Leader! I'm a little overwhelmed but very excited to be able to work with the Young Women! We have a HUGE ward... and lots of Beehives... this last Sunday we had 14 Beehives! Yowza! Looks like we'll have our hands full! "Busy as a Bee".... you might even say! ;) I'm also excited to be able to get involved with Girls Camp! Sure is different than the A-frames we had!

BY THE WAY: Anyone working in Young Women's... if you are doing a googlesearch for images to use... don't type in "young women" and assume that google is going to know what you are looking for... I won't tell you WHAT showed up... but needless to say I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything related to faith, integrity, virtue... ecetera! ((Virtue is the newest YW value... I didn't know they added a new one! and they changed the theme a bit at the end!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bumbling Beginner Blogger....

Soooooo.... Here's a funny story... Audrey kept mentioning how she couldn't ever see her comments on my blog... I kinda just didn't think about it... I don't really know what i'm doing anyway... So I figured I'd try to figure what she was talkin about... And I found all the comments from people since I started the blog! So instead of going through each post i'm just gonna reply to em all here:

So here we go...

Miss Lyndsee-- I'm so sad I didn't see this til now! I used to live in MoVal and I would have gladly rescued you! :) We don't live too far... it's about a half hour away or so... Is it your husband's family thats there? I grew up there... next time you come this way let me know.... My cells on my facebook so you can just call me up and i'll come running!

Melissa Silcock-- SO glad I found you! I think about ya all the time... Especially everytime I have a cheesecake! Littlebabyslickrock is just adorable... along with the rest of your wee ones! I'm gonna email you after this! And yes... my husband is a cutie... haha....

Marcia- Have you heard of California? You should move here. :) I hadn't said it in like... a week so I figure I should. Also... Thanks for defining tagging for me... If I ever tag someone.... You'll be it first... lucky girl!

Melissa Hyde- Little belated but we got that worked out... Your blog is so dang cute... I miss your craftiness to feed off of...

Di- We have 1 dog and 2 kitties... I can't believe you have 3! I'm going crazy with 2! I love em so it's not like I'd ever get rid of either of em... but my limit to indoor cats is one from now on... We have an automatic litterbox and it still drives me crazy how much those things poop!

PamelaKay- Never bounced a check... but overdrafted via checkcard;) I'm not THAT good! ((Up at Ricks when I was living off nothing.... we didn't even have cell phones remember! How Arcaic!))

Christian and Stephanie- Yes... Meteor Showers at Ricks! Also a few in Cali and Utah... But the Idaho ones were the best.... climbing up on some potato mills... or out in the sand dunes.... nothin like it...

Shannon- Happy belated B-day... now i'll never forget your birthday:) And thanks for the congrats!

Anyhew... So I'm learning! gimme a break!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our only Christmas Pics!

Sooo... we didn't take many pictures at Christmas I guess! This is all I have from Christmas... Just a "family portrait" with Bailee-gurl and then one from Christmas morning! We broke away from tradition this year and went out to Danny's sister Trish's house for Christmas Eve... we played games and had some grub... Chad and Dave taught... well... tried to teach us Dominoes. Turns out you don't just stack em up in long trails and then push one over... there's an actual game. Chad had all these funky sayings... that's Chad. Anyways on our way back we were able to still make it to the end of the Mattsen's Christmas thingy... but we missed the Mallow fight:( We spent Christmas Day at my parent's house.... they got their Christmas present early... they now have the largest TV of anyone I know. It's massive. We love it. Brandon gave em a Blu-Ray for Christmas so we basically zombied out on the TV all day! We had a great relaxing day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am... I want... I wonder....

I am: watching the celtics/cavs game and looking at people blogs...
I want: to not have to pay any bills...
I have: the cutest little dog
I dislike: kids that feel they are entitled to everything
I miss: college life.... sometimes. i miss my friends:)
I fear: BEES.
I feel: frazzled.
I hear: Cleveland has an early lead. Anytime Boston looses is a good time.
I crave: the summer weather. and a LemonBerry Slushie from Sonic... too bad its far.
I usually: think i should be doing more.
I search: for good deals. Clearance is one of my favorite words
I wonder: if we'll ever grow up
I regret: not figuring out a way to work with my degree
I love: my family and friends.
I care: how people feel
I always: clean up after my husband, dog, and cats.... eat too much... wish I was on vacation...
I worry: about everything.... and nothing.
Iremember: Having something to do everynite
I believe: we could all be doing a little more
I sing: whether you like it or not
I try not to: stress about too much
I don't always: say the things I should.
I argue: over Xbox
I write: on post-its all the time.
I win: Tetris. I'm pretty good at it. And Scattergories. Domination.
I lose: money at texas holdem. blackjacks bettah.
I wish: teachers and nurses were paid more and sports celebrities were paid less.
I listen: to everything. But not to as much of the rap/hiphip anymore... alot of it has just gone way too far.
I don't understand: Why people get paid millions of dollars to take a picture of britney spears in her car.
I can usually be found: at the computer trying to "work"
I forget: everything.
I am happy: when I forget about all the things that I can't change.