Saturday, February 26, 2011

Showering in Pajamas is Cool

Well... my kiddo LOVES the shower... Even more than baths. He doesn't even bother waiting for us to get in before he jumps in. As soon as we turn it on to warm up the water... he beelines for it. One day he ripped off his diaper and jumped in before we could stop him. (i'll refrain from posting the pic from that day... he decided to take a poo in the shower too. YUCK!). Anyhew... TODAY he decided to just jump in with his clothes on... So I let him! I just LOVE him.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Computer Desk ReVamped!!

I redid an old computer desk my mom gave us a while back... I've always liked the desk but wasn't a fan of the wood color... and once the seal peeled enough I didn't feel bad about re-doing it ;) Turns out I wished I'd done this ages ago cuz I just LOVE it now!!! I'll probably have to re-do the modge-podge'd pullout drawer sometime... but it'll work til I wanna deal with it! (you probably can't see it but there's some bubbles in the print... I got a little impatient! Oops!
Oh ps... this is the cleanest this desk will EVER be.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surf's Up, Carter!

(This is Danny's Fav... he say's it looks like he's getting ready to be barreled ;)

We went to Trestles yesterday... at first it was a bit chilly but it ended up being a perfect weather day! Not to make ya'll in Utah/Idaho/HellFrozenOver jealous... but really... it's times like these I remember why people pay more to live in Southern CA. It was about 70-75 and not a cloud in the sky. If only the water was a little warmer! Oh well! Carter had tons of fun and I've been wanting to take pics of Carter on on of Danny's surfboards FOREVER... so we did. I wish I could've gotten the shadows out of some (I like it in alot of em... but should've tried to get SOME without Carter's shadow)! Anyhew... here's a few!
Oh and we have an extra room if anyone needs to escape thier frozen tundras... and we are ALLWAYS down for a beach trip!