Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playdate at the Park with the Speakers!

This past Sunday after church here in Colorado, we went to Washington Park with the Speakers, Zeke and Bailee! It is such a big, fun park! You almost feel like you are in Mayberry... There's so many people at it riding bikes, walking their dogs, rollerblading... general merriment ;0)

Anyhew, it was Carter's FIRST swing ride! Kaycee is a pro... She does have 3 months on him...Carter was a little dazed the whole time. He had eaten right before we left, and so he was super sleepy... the whole time he was in the swing he stuck to one pose, his fist in his mouth and staring at Kaycee! It was super cute.

There were also ducks and a couple huge ponds... There's bar-b-que's too, so we might go next Sunday for a BBQ...
Oh and Zeke LOVED IT! If he'd had a dog collar like in "UP", he'd be yelling "SQUIRREL!!!!" about 1,ooo times a minute! Bailee wasn't as jazzed but there was tons to smell so she was ok ;)
Here's a few more pics...

Easter/Conference Weekend in Utah!

Carter's first Easter Egg hunt... He was super good at it ;)
Almost the whole Wilson Clan was able to get together for Conference/Easter weekend! Except that dang Brett and Amy who had to have another stinkin' baby! She's adorable though ;)

I snuck this picture and I put it up here even though I don't know if any of the rest of my family is on here.. but I thought it was too cute.

Carter was happiest just trying to chew on this egg.

I found one mom!!