Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doctor's Appointment...

DOCTOR: "So are you feeling the baby move much yet?"

(Doctor is using the little stomach stetheschop-thingy to try and find the heart beat).


(Baby kicks right where the stomach-stetheschope thing is positioned).

ME: "Yep. Felt that one."

The Doc had a hard time hearing the heartbeat since the little guy was moving so stinkin much! Looks like he takes after his dad... already practicing his backflips!

Doc says everything looks great... everything's measuring perfect... yadda yadda... once she could get the heartbeat long enough without the baby's kicking sounds covering it up... she said all that was lookin' great too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009




"Please click-fart."

(...awkward silence as I try to interpret...)

"OHHHH... Click START!"

No wonder it took TWO HOURS and TWENTY-FOUR minutes on the phone with HP "customer service" just to get my friggin expensive printer to start scanning again.

Oh... and there's no WAY that guy's name is Jimmy. Just cuz you pretend your name is a common english name in NO WAY means you suddenly speak fluent english. Or that you suddenly reside in the continental United States...

Gotta love corporate outsourcing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I can't help myself...

So what if I've still got 22 weeks until this little guy is finished baking... I couldn't resist. No it's not the 1st thing I bought either! The day we found out it was a boy I bought this cute little blue beanie with little bear ears on it...

So today I saw these at Target and couldn't help myself... the little striped one was only $1.98 and the other was only $4.... Pardon the clarity of the picture... I couldn't find my camera so I just took it with my phone but there was lots of shadow goin on. Anyhew... i thought they were cute!

Oh... on a side note... out of nowhere I was thinking of funny one-zy sayings and I thought a good one to sell in Vegas would be... "I'm what happens in Vegas." or "What happens in Vegas shows up 9 months later" Not that it's for MY child... but I thought it would be funny. I had seen some funny ones in Vegas when we were there a month ago. But niether of those. But I digress.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Houston...We have a Penis!

**Did that offend anyone... whoops. Well who cares! We're havin a baby boy!! I'm super excited! Partly cuz I thought it was a boy... n it's cool to know I was right! Also cuz it will be a little less frightening for Danny! After seeing Taken he's petrified of having a girl! Plus he can teach him all his favorite things! We did the 3/D-4/D ultrasound thing... It was about a $100 and totally worth it... in my opinion. Especially since it's our first and I'm just so curious! And our first ultrasound was so lame since it was only 7wks.
**One of the first images we saw was of him waving at us! it was when they were doing the b/w 2D since that's how they do gender determination. She said it's definetly a little boy! He kept snuggling up next to the placenta like a blanket. Gross when you think about it... but it was cute to see! he also was moving all over the place! And drinking ALOT! it was crazy you could totally see him swallowing and everything! I totally recommend it!
**If any of you plan on doing this... make sure to start drinking lots of water about a week before you go... Ours were pretty clear for only being 16weeks. (if you don't drink alot of water, it makes the pictures really fuzzy. It increases the clarity of the amniotic fluid or something like that).
**Also... make sure you drink some juice about a half hour or so before you go... I put some in a container and even drank some when I was there... and the little guy was movin all over the place! It has more sugar in it so it get's em all hyped up and wakes em up! The best time to do it is around the 20-24th week if you're doin the 3d/4d stuff... the baby's a little bigger and fatter so it'll look more lifelike. But it's still so cool at 16 weeks! It made it so real! Plus it was fun to have my parents and danny's mom and our niece there since it wasn't thru the hospital! And they take their time and let us see all the fun stuff! Anyways... I digress... I'm just happy it's healthy and human;) And fun it's a boy!!