Saturday, September 26, 2009

crafty when I wanna be....

So.... I got this idea to make this rug for the baby room while me and my mom were at JoAnns... Turns out I LOVE how it turned out! It's pretty big too! Then I still had lots of extra so I figured I'd keep experimenting... and tried making a monkey head pillow! It's pretty big too... It still needs to get the lumps worked out so it's a bit rounder... but for doing it from scratch and now pattern I think they both turned out pretty cute! And even better... both of em only cost like... 15 bucks total! (I'm a cheapskate... so I like when I save money... what of it?!) Course when you factor in all the time it took to make it I guess it aint so cheap... but it was fun ;) In case you couldn't tell we are going for a jungle! ;) Next up... I wanna try n make a Lion pillow!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They don't have a clue...

These dogs don't have a CLUE whats gonna hit em in 3 months.... Cuz right now we spoil them like crazy... But how can I not!!! I frigggin love these guys!
PS... Zeke looks possessed in this last picture... such a contrast to his actual self... he wouldn't hurt a fly!

This Bird stole the Show...

So I took my new camera to the beach to take pictures of Danny and Nate surfing... But of course there weren't any waves so... I ended up taking a few pics of this "white eagle" that was chomping on a mackerel... Now I'm taking the word of the old men googily-eyed and staring who say this was a cool thing to take a picture of... so I took a few. There ended up being a big crowd of people watching the bird annihilate this dead fish...
There wasn't any surf to watch so this baby took the show!Fig'd I'd share in case theres any bird lovers out there ;)
Or if you just like to see a fish getting gutted by an eagle... I'm just here to please ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Names.... Any preference???

So... we've been debating what we are going to call this baby... I've narrowed it down to 3... I told Danny to choose which... I know he's always wanted to name his 1st boy Carter... but then there was an issue for a bit but now I don't think it will be... but we'd looked at other names so I've got it down to 3...

Carter Wilson Stoddart (Then it gets both sides of the family covered ;)
Cash/Kash/Caash Stoddart (don't know what middle name).
Dane Carter or Dane Wilson Stoddart.

Any one prefer one to another??

there's a funny story with Carter... it's Danny's middle name... and when he had to move to Utah for school for a year he tried to change his name so everyone would call him Carter... but then he'd forget he told everyone his name was Carter... so he'd never turn around or respond when people would say Carter... so he had to just stick to Danny.

(that story wasn't the issue... I just thought it was funny).