Saturday, July 18, 2009




"Please click-fart."

(...awkward silence as I try to interpret...)

"OHHHH... Click START!"

No wonder it took TWO HOURS and TWENTY-FOUR minutes on the phone with HP "customer service" just to get my friggin expensive printer to start scanning again.

Oh... and there's no WAY that guy's name is Jimmy. Just cuz you pretend your name is a common english name in NO WAY means you suddenly speak fluent english. Or that you suddenly reside in the continental United States...

Gotta love corporate outsourcing.


sherryandbryon said...

Hi Steph! This is Sherry Fresh (Glazier, now). Remember me??? It's been a LONG time! I just very randomly happened upon your blog and it's so great to see what you're up to these days. Congrats on the baby! That's exciting! Anyway, I just thought I'd say hi. We have a blog, too, (, but I don't update it very often! haha :) Well, congrats again and I'll have to check back and keep in touch.

Audrey said...


yeah it's sort of bitter sweet...i never missed spag...but we'll see about cpk. the only thing i'll think i miss is the people and the food which i can see or have if i need too,,,i seriously hate serving though. it will be a much needed break from it. plus, i'm guessing i'll have to go back there since i feel like i'm not qualified to work anywhere else! HAHAH...and i have stupid serving nightmares like three times a month! I had one just two nights ago. they are the worst! That sucks you still have them! Where have you worked the last 3 years?