Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Names.... Any preference???

So... we've been debating what we are going to call this baby... I've narrowed it down to 3... I told Danny to choose which... I know he's always wanted to name his 1st boy Carter... but then there was an issue for a bit but now I don't think it will be... but we'd looked at other names so I've got it down to 3...

Carter Wilson Stoddart (Then it gets both sides of the family covered ;)
Cash/Kash/Caash Stoddart (don't know what middle name).
Dane Carter or Dane Wilson Stoddart.

Any one prefer one to another??

there's a funny story with Carter... it's Danny's middle name... and when he had to move to Utah for school for a year he tried to change his name so everyone would call him Carter... but then he'd forget he told everyone his name was Carter... so he'd never turn around or respond when people would say Carter... so he had to just stick to Danny.

(that story wasn't the issue... I just thought it was funny).


jennifer rogers said...

i vote for Carter Wilson but you name your baby whatever you want to!

The Chalmers Family said...

I like Cash, I wanted to name Jaxon that but Paul vetoed me. Dane is cute too! Carter too! Can't wait to hear what you decide.

Audrey & John said...

i like carter wilson stoddart. that is my nephews name. good is cool too but he'll probably get made fun are so mean these days yah know?

Stacy said...

i like the cash/ kash/ caash/ etc. option... it's very unique!!!!

jeffandmelissa said...

It's a good thing I can't get pregnant... cause this is the hardest part! NAMING THE BABY! Good luck! I love them all! Oh and you look so cute pregnant! Yeah!