Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doggy Anxiety Attacks...

Turns out my dogs are spoiled... and they get anxiety attacks when we leave them alone in the house... or outside for that matter... Only at our house... When we ARE home... they are on their best behavior... but we leave and they go SKITZO! We'd been leaving them in the house since it's been so friggin HOT outside... plus the nieghbor dogs are crazy and try to attack our dogs thru the fence... so then our dogs try to attack them... CHAOS. Anyhew... after I came home to THIS (which was the worst by far... usually they just chew some pens or run toiletpaper thru the house) we decided they have to stay outside when we aren't home... so we borrowed a metal dog gate thing that covers the entire fence on the neighbors side... HOPEfully that will stop the destruction! Oh by the way after I took the pictures we saw they had eaten the toggles off danny's xbox controllers as well... GRRRRRRRR. expensive treat!

Course... I try to yell at Zeke and I simply CANT DO IT!!!! He does this double paw thing and looks so scared becuase he knows he did something wrong but isnt sure quite what... so he starts shaking and sits and shakes with both his paws at the same time... I can't help but laugh... I literally had to bury my head and turn away cuz I was smiling and laughing!


The Carrino Fam said...

I am having an anxiety attack looking at the mess! Steph your patience is amazing.

jennifer rogers said...

girl you need to get a dog crate for when you are gone!