Monday, March 22, 2010

CrAzZy Carter is 3 months!

So... Our Crazy Carter Boy is THREE months old!! Well, 3 months and 1 day! :)
I haven't posted any stats since he was born so here you go... along with some other fun tidbits!

He had a Dr appt. today... it was his first set of major shots and he was NOT happy! I've never seen him cry so much!!

His measurements:
Height: 24.5".... 75th percentile
Weight: 12.3 lbs ... 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.98"... no idea what "percentile" it is, doc just said he has a big head!

He's being so fun nowadays (besides the past 2 days, I ate brocolli and I guess he DID NOT like it!)!

His hair is outta control cute.. it's still this curly mohawk... or as the pic above shows... a big fuzzball! He had just woken up and was rolling all over so it made it all crazy! That's ALL dad cuz my hair is stick straight!

Yea... he can ROLL OVER!! AHHHH!! last week I was like... oh he's getting so close.. now... he's rolling everywhere!! And he'll prop himself up on his arms and it's super cute!

NO I really don't shave his head into a mohawk... I get asked almost everytime I go somewhere... it's been like that since birth!

His head is still super lopsided... cuz he's always favored laying to his right side.. must have been laying that way in my belly! Hopefully now that he's becoming mobile it'll reshape!

He farts all the time and laughs.. he laughs at everything and anything!

He gets the attack of the giggles and it's just the cutest thing... he'll be smiling at you.. then all of a sudden his whole body just shivers and he just laughs and laughs... I love it.

He fits into 6-9 month clothes lengthwise... but newborn and 0-3 month wiegthwise.

His feet are HUGE! Not fat... just long and skinny. The doc laughed at his feet... he was like... wow those are some lonnng feet! I tried putting on the cute tennis shoes my mom bought him and he's already grown out of em! That's the second pair of shoes he's grown out of. Oye!

He's starting to grab onto everything and trying to put it in his mouth... He sucks on his fist all the time...

Oh we took him to the beach last week for the first time... I'll post pics later... I think we are gonna go again this week once Danny stops working. We took some pics with Ashley's camera but Carter was hungry in em so he doesn't look too happy!!
We love him to pieces! OK that's all!


Audrey {+} John said...

Oh man! I am in love with him! He is just the cutest! He sounds super fun too!

Megan and Mike said...

his hair is awesome... and yes if you ate brocolli and are breastfeeding thats a big no no i heard!!! update more girl he is too cute to hide

the salt lake city slickers said...

ha ha! the farting is too funny. turners stink sooo bad!
do his??

The Chalmers Family said...

Oh my gosh, he is soooo cute. Now the farting and laughing... hmmm... where did he get that from?? Mom all the way! He's too stinkin' cute.

sherryandbryon said...

He is so cute!!!