Monday, June 28, 2010

California!! Home Sweet Home~!

So Carter and I flew home last week to surprise my dad for a belated Father's Day... WE had so much fun! Carter got to do one of his favorite things a bunch... SWIMMING!! My dad took him in their pool... and we took him to the beach... He LOVED the sand!!! he kept rubbing his toes in the sand... and of course tried ( and succeeded) to eat fistfuls of muddy sand!
We wish Danny could have been there but he's working super hard this summer... But we'll have plenty of beach time when we get back to California. ((I've got this grand idea that I want to rent out a beach house for a month or two when we get back... Hopefully we can work it out!)) I'm pretty sure we are doing the summer sales deal for one final summer... so I want Danny to relax for a while when we get back. Crossing Fingers! I just keep telling myself... ONE more summer... ONE more summer... then we can actually settle down again. It'll be worth it and we'll be thru with summer sales before Carter's old enough to remember it!! Plus it will be nice to have Danny all to ourselves for a few months once October comes and we can play, play, play!!


Audrey {+} John said...

Cute. CA does rock!

The Chalmers Family said...

You totally should get a beach house. Summer Sales are rough and hard work. You guys deserve it!

Looks like Cali was fun. Carter is just darling!