Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surf's Up, Carter!

(This is Danny's Fav... he say's it looks like he's getting ready to be barreled ;)

We went to Trestles yesterday... at first it was a bit chilly but it ended up being a perfect weather day! Not to make ya'll in Utah/Idaho/HellFrozenOver jealous... but really... it's times like these I remember why people pay more to live in Southern CA. It was about 70-75 and not a cloud in the sky. If only the water was a little warmer! Oh well! Carter had tons of fun and I've been wanting to take pics of Carter on on of Danny's surfboards FOREVER... so we did. I wish I could've gotten the shadows out of some (I like it in alot of em... but should've tried to get SOME without Carter's shadow)! Anyhew... here's a few!
Oh and we have an extra room if anyone needs to escape thier frozen tundras... and we are ALLWAYS down for a beach trip!


Cassi said...

Super cute pics Steph! You did a great job! He really is a cutie!!

Audrey Crisp said...

These are all just so cute!

The Chalmers Family said...

Seriously so cute! and so you. :) love it!

salt lake city slickers said...

what a stud!

The Forbes said...

what a cuttie. love the pics. hey dont dis on Utah weather you really know deep down your jealous of the snow.