Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol...

I promise I won't blog about every episode... I'm tired and can't sleep tonight so... here's my thoughts.
1. LOVE Paul McDonald. Fantastic. He sounded just like Rod Stewart... and that's not a bad thing! Loved everything about it. Won't win... but I think it was my favorite. Plus he's about the ONLY guy i've seen wear skinny jeans and I was like..."huh... those actually kinda look ok... he kinda pulls them off."
2. Scotty McCreary. Thought I was gonna dislike him. Thought wrong. You can't get any more country than this. Love it. That voice was made for Nashville. Won't win either... but I loved it.
3. Casey Abrams. Anyone else get the Will Ferrell vibe during his performance? I actually chuckled a little thinking it was a parody. I would have to close my eyes to try and judge it properly. I'm not sure if the singing was good... but if it was a parody of Will Ferrell he NAILED IT. I bet he smells of rich mohagany.
4. Luther Vandross Guy. BUTTER. His voice is BUTTER. Didn't think I'd like him either. Don't think he has a CHANCE to win just do to the nature of the show... but that voice is BUTTER. Butter is good.
5. James Durbin. Gotta hand it to him... he was pretty good. I don't get the comparisons to Adam Lambert though. Lambert sounded like a 40yr old gospel singer and he repulsed me at the very sight. I like this kid.
The rest all jumbled together for me. Nothing to fantastic.
OH WAIT> the fake Usher guy was a MASSIVE fail. As a friend of mine said "Fusher" That was tragically awful. Plus Jlo says "is that the kind of artist you want to be?" his response? Oh no, no no. then WHY would you sing it? that was a WTF moment. And no... WTF does NOT mean "Wow That's Fantastic." (I don't usually like the WTF thing... but a friend mentioned the "Wow Thats Fantastic!" the other day.... and I thought it was hillarious.)
Oh... and I think some of them were using AutoTuners. Either that or they were REALLY good for the 1st show.
OK... prob boring but I can't sleep. I'm gonna try again. STODDART, OUT!


salt lake city slickers said...

i pull off skinny jeans!! ha

Audrey Crisp said...

Yeah Ushers not known for his singing... Mostly dancing... I liked Scott too and he sounded good. I like the will Ferrell guy, but didn't love his performance. I like the guy with blonde hair and a beard but didn't like his performance. Tonight should be interesting!