Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BOOM! Baby #2 coming atcha Jan 2012!

Well for those who missed the facebook post... we are having another kiddo!!! We are super excited! Carter will have just turned 2 when baby #2 comes a knockin... so it should be a party! I forgot just how much I HATE being pregnant! Don't me wrong... LOVE the outcome and the cute ittle bitty baby... but morning sickness has been even WORSE this time!!! BLEH! We found out SUPER early that we were expecting... so we kept it hush for a few weeks.. (well... we let it slip to a couple people... oops... it's exciting!)... and at first I was like... oh great I feel awesome!... then it hit me like a freight train. Hopefully it doesn't linger most of the pregnancy... like it did last time!

And before you ask which we are hoping for.... I don't think either of us have much of a preference! I mean... logically and long term I want another boy so Carter has a little buddy to play with that's close... but then I also really want a girl sometime! (And if this pregnancy is bad... it might be the last if this is a girl ;)

Either way..Jan 2012... can't wait!


Cassi said...

AWESOME! So exciting for you guys! I totally feel ya in the pregnancy part though, the morning/all day sickness just plain old sucks! Oh the things we do for those darn kids of ours! Wish I was there to help you out.

the shields riot said...

great news! congrats!

Audrey Crisp said...

So happy for you! Feel better!

The Forbes said...

Im so excited for you guys. Hopefully the sickness passes soon.

Margie said...

YAYAYAYAYAY Steph! There are 3 our of 6 from 311 that are preg! we are all awesome!!