Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kestlee's Blessing Day!

 We were able to bless Kestlee Sunday, February 6th... (Superbowl Sunday). We ended up doing it last minute since we didn't realize it was getting so close to us leaving for summer and we weren't sure if Danny would be in town the 1st Sunday of March... so we needed to do it in February! My mom is a champ and whipped up Kestlee's blessing dress (isn't it awesome?!) and she made her a cute little bracelet too! I made her some little flower shoes to match her hair bow... and she was styling! We just love her so much! Carter got a little crazy after... I plan on keeping these pics of him trying on my hot pink high heels for when he's a bratty teenager... I'll threaten to distribute them all over his high school ;) We just love our little Kestlee Girl so much! She's such a great little girl and we are so glad she's part of our famliy!


♥ Audrey Crisp said...

So sweet. Can't believe you and your mom made all that stuff! You look great too!

Margie said...

Amazing, your mom is amazing!! That dress is so cute. Of course, the baby wearing that dress is so stink'en cute as well!!! I love the flower on her feet! She is so cute! I wish I lived around you so I could see how you dress her all the time. I'm sure it is so fun!! SO SO SO CUTE!!!

The Wrights said...

That little girl is to die for adorable,no doubt about that. But check out you in those 6 in hot pink mama!