Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Babysittin' Bella

We kidnapped my parents dog Bella last nite and brought her to our house... She was in heaven. (She's not too ladylike though... silly bella. She sprawled out on the couch or up in our bed all nite... Needless to say bailee got a little green with envy! Our nephew Ricky was stayin with us last nite too... so we ended up taking Bailee, my parents dogs Bella and Reggie, and my brother's dog Remi to the dog park... (that's a WHOLE lotta dog).

Bella had just gone to the groomer's the day before... got shaved and bathed... smellin all pretty and girlie-like! So OF COURSE within 5 minutes of the dogpark fun...

She was a mess. She found a HUGE mudpool to roll in! Sorry parents:) We took her back and gave her another bath... She wasn't too happy to have 2 baths in less than 24 hours... I'm pretty sure it was worth it though!


Baileys said...

Hey, welcome to the blog world!! It's addicting like facebook! Y'all are too cute!! -Pam

Marcus Lane said...

oh welcome to the blogging world! Your kids look wonderful!