Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Addition!

Yes we are animal lovers... So this is our newest pup! He's one of 17 in the litter! We love him already... though Bailee hasn't quite made up her mind. I'm not sure she wants to share the attention. She's getting better though... I think she also is afraid to play with him since he's so tiny still. She gets in trouble when she chases the cats.. and Zeke is still smaller than Nixon and Taj. He's an Anitolian Shepard mix... so he won't be smaller than Bailee for long!


{Our Family} said...

When you guys buy your house, you are going to need a HUGE yard to fit all your animals! Zeke is super cute

jennifer rogers said...

very cute! we have a lot of animals too, i always tell people that we are borderline white trash :) we have a pair of boxers and a great dane pup...good luck with the puppy especially at night!