Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Alrighty Marcia... so explain the tag thing and then tag me... punk! ;)

What's this all about?

A-Z Tag

A--Attached or single: Attached... BTW 7 years Marcia? ridiculous! I've been married for just over 2... He's a keeper.
B--Best Friend: Danny... duh. You're husband should always be your best friend!
C--Cake or Pie: Niether? If I had to choose i'd say cake... cuz it could be ice cream cake! Ooh and I like my gma's strawberry cake thing... ooh and i love cheesecake! OK it's DEFINITELY CAKE!
D--Day of choice: Anyday off work... I actually enjoy Sundays lately cuz it's different than the rest of the days... and I love Church even though we have the dreaded 1:00 church... and most sundays we get together with family and/or friends to play games... and football games are on...
E--Essential Item: Computer. I seem to be at it non-stop lately!
F--Favorite Color: Bright pink and bright green... who knew. and yellow. and blue.
G--Greatest Accomplishments: Getting my degree.. even though I don't use it much.... I'll never forget the experiences I had and memories made at college!
H--Hometown: Moval... I've moved on!
I--Indulgences: Clearance Sales... Home stuff...
J--January or July: July! January is still too cold... and Christmas just ended so all the Christmas stuff leaves... Definetly July!
K--Kids: Just non-human ones... Taj, Nixon, and our favorite... Bailee... she's a dingo.
L--Life is complicated without: Contacts. I can't see anything anymore without em.
M--Marriage Date: November 17,2006
N--Number of Siblings: Just my older brother brandon...
O--Oranges or Apples: Oranges. definetly Oranges. My teeth are too sensitive with the apples... it gives me shivers sometimes when i bite into apples...
Q--Quotes: All of em. I love em. I should be doing what Marcia does... I look for good quotes all the time.... I think the one I put on my blog heading is super cute..
R--Reasons to Smile: My dog. My husby.
S--Singer/Songwriter: Everything that doesn't swear every other word. Last CDs I got were Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, and Brushfire Holiday. I need to get some new music... it's been a while.
T--Tag 5 Friends: Uhhhh..... who know who reads this... I'll tag Pam, Jen, Shane(Hunter), Melissa ( this counts for 2 since there's 2 melissas on here!)
U--Unknown Fact About Me: I want to take a photography class. no one knew it cuz I jsut decided it.
V--Very Favorite Stores: Ones with clearance signs on em... I love the element store at the outlets. Homegoods. Target.Ikea.
W--Worst Habit: Procrastinating. Not doing laundry.
X--X-ray or Ultrasound: I always loved giving ultrasounds in the training room at school... so ultrasounds.
Y--Your Favorite Food: IceCream. particulary chocmaltedcrunch and cookiedough. Also anything with pepperochinis... except icecream with pepperochinis... that doesn't sound good.
Z--Zodiac: Virgo
**Did you learn anything new?**Will you play?**


Marcus Lane said...

very interesting information....and I will be your 40 year old creeper anytime! HA

{Our Family} said...

Yay you did it! I think you'll be the only one I tagged. yup 7 years is ridiculous... makes me feel old! I totally want to take a photography class too! Melissa inspired that one.