Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My $10 Eyeglasses!!

So these are my first successful experience with buying online glasses... You may not consider it a success if you have a thing against orange/white glasses with swirls on the arms... and if so you are just wrong! I love em... Including shipping they cost me 14 dollars! Including the prescription lenses! next time i'll for sure put the anti-glare coating... but I figured i'd just do cheap n easy to see if they were gonna be real crappy quality.

Some hints if you're thinkin bout buying online:
1.ZenniOptical seems to have the best customer satisfaction. Just make sure your prescription is correct (the 1st time i ordered one of the -'s got left off a # and so it was all funky. Not their fault... it was mine).
2.Also make sure you get your pupillary distance from the optometrist if they didn't write it on your prescription. (only takes a sec and they should do it for free. DONT guess.)
3.Check the size of frames you are buying. Most glasses put the size on the arm of the glasses so you can just check yours... if it's rubbed off, just go try on some frames at Wallyworld or wherever and see how big/small of frames you need. (made this mistake with the 1st pair also... i didn't look at the size and they were WAAAY too wide for my head.)

That's it! It's really simple but doing the above saves you from the learning curve. I just bought an expensive pair of glasses at Costco the same day I bought my cheapo ones online... the online ones came sooner.. and i'll probably like em more!


M and N said...

fancy pants!

Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

Hott!! Love them! So cheap and chic! Love your new header too! I teach in young womans as well and that scripture pillow is a great idea! I hope puppy gets feeling better!

Melissa said...

I laughed when I saw you in those glasses, that is so YOU! It's funny that I haven't seen you in so long, because when I see your picture, you are still the same ole' Steph! and I am glad! I feel that we are just hanging out, gourding our selves with cookie dough ice cream! Love ya!

dannynstephstoddart said...

Don't even MENTION cookie dough ice cream! (i just finished some....) Somehow my metabolism is NOT what it used to be and i'm gonna have to start workin out more diligently since the fat is deciding it likes to stick around now;0)

Stacy Lawrence said...

they are RAD!!!!