Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Parents Are Awesome

FYI.... in case you didn't know... I scored the Lotto on parents. Just thought I'd share that.
Lately I've seen some not so terrific examples of parents and it pisses me off.... slash makes me sad.
I'm not calling anyone out, but rather just making a generalization of an unfortunate trend I seem to be seeing.
Some "parents" are oblivious to the consequences of their actions. Some think that because they donate the genetic material required to make a child, that they are entitled to the title of parent. Other "parents" seem to be more child-like than thier kids. Some of the bad examples of parenting I get angry about, others just make me sad.
If you make the decision to have kids, and are blessed to be able to have them, you have to realize it's a life-long commitment. As I get closer to having this first kid (who by the way needs to hurry up and get here), I'm becoming more and more aware how every decision you make will affect their lives. Every decision I make does not just effect me, or me and Danny, but also our children, and one day our decisions will have an impact on their children. As soon-to-be parents we are already having to make decisions that will affect our kids... and it's hard to make decisions that might hurt those we love.
Granted, I was a brat sometimes growing up, but I secretly always knew, and have become more aware, how right my parents always were. They are awesome examples of how parents should be. They sacrificed more than I"ll probably ever know. I'm sure it would have been easier to be more of "the friend" parent instead of disciplining. My parents weren't afraid of being "a parent", they were concerned about making sure that they did all they could to help us know right from wrong, and tried their best to give me and my brother every oppourtunity possible to succeed.
They were and always are there for us. They've never made a promise they couldn't keep.
They've never dissapointed me or let me down. I've never been ashamed of anything they've done or said (even the crazy Kenny Loggins stalking).
They've welcomed my husband with open arms and treat him like one of their own, and I know he appreciates it.
So just to summarize, my parents ROCK.


sherryandbryon said...

What a nice tribute! And I agree, you have great parents. :)

Audrey {+} John said...

well said! lucky you!