Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strikin a Pose

Here's my little stud... Kristin Fuller took some cute pics of him... in his (MY) favorite blanket... He's just such a sweetie! He hardly ever cries... but I put one pic in so you know he does! He's been so great so far... he sleeps thru the night... so I always get a good 7 hours of sleep each night which I am VERY grateful for! And yes... I know he looks like his dad! I claim his eyes (even though danny and I both have blue eyes... I take what I can)! I also claim his feet... becuase they are long and skinny... which are just like mine... Not a glamorous thing to claim... but what do you do! His hair takes a mind of it's own.. Its funny, he's had this really long hair since he was born, but it's in a strip right down the middle and down the back! the sides are almost bare! So I swear I did not shave my kids hair into a mohawk... it just does it! I refuse to do a combover so he's gettin the fo-hawk look until the rest grows in!


Audrey {+} John said...

So cute! I was wondering when you were gonna do a blog post! I'm glad everything went well for you during the pregnancy etc... You are so lucky ge sleeps through the night! Wow! Can't wait to see more pics!

M and N said...

so great!!

Melissa said...

Hey Steph! Congrats!!!! I was just about to email you, because I thought that you should of had your baby by now. I am so glad everything worked out for ya! He is sure a cutie! Maybe one day Tyler and I can make our way down there! And I can definitely attest to you being cheap I mean, frugal...I remember the good ole' days in college and eating Maverick ice cream and chips and salsa!