Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Creative with Making Carter eat!

So I've been tryin to get Carter to eat some solid foods... (well... anything other than the boob)... It's not going so well... he did ok the first couple bites.. but then he caught on... It ended up going everywhere BUT the mouth... (see feet, belly, thighs, diaper, fingers, ears, hair). I've discovered that he is going to be REALLY good at dodge ball though!
He kept reaching for the bowl though... so eventually I decided to try another angle... I let him get it up to his mouth... and he began slurping it up! Funny huh?! Some still went on him but less than before...
And then Zeke wanted in on the action... so he was more than willing to help clean up! Carter LOVES when Zeke licks his face... A few Dog germs never hurt anybody ;) Well.. at least we tried!!


Audrey {+} John said...

His curly hair kills me. so cute.

Ashley&Nathan Speaker said...

Oh you know he loves the food, he just needs to get use to it.. :)