Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boo Boo Face! :(

Boo Boo Time!

Well we had our first big faceplant today... fun way to commemorate being 18 months old! He was outside running around with Danny and the pups on the trail by our house... I guess he tripped on the asphalt by a curb or something and faceplanted... gotta put the arms out bud!!

I was out running errands when my phone rang and I heard "momma? buh bye??" in a very sobby sad voice... Danny told me what happened and said he'd been crying for like a 1/2 hr and he didn't know what to do... I told him to give him from fruit snacks and then throw him in the tub. (Ok, gently place him in the tub).... It seemed to work... Then I got home and helped him get him cleaned up and attempted to put some neosporin on his cuts... attempt... he wasn't a big fan of us going anywhere NEAR those cuts... so it started another crying episode... but he's seeming happier now and taking a nap so I think we will all survive! ;)

Poor pizza face. They aren't too deep of scratches so I think they'll probably heal pretty quick!


Audrey Crisp said...

So sad! Hope it heals fast!

Cassi said...

Oh, we totally know what those are like around here. Carter's head is like a magnet for injuries. I'm trying to get rid of a scar right now on his forehead. A little advice, since it is summer time, if your carter's head scabs and the scabs fall off, make sure and put sunscreen on it whenever you go outside. I didn't and now my Carter's head has a big pink circle on it that is proving hard to get rid of. Hope your feeling ok...or maybe I should just say I hope your not throwing up too much.