Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Antique Archaeology, Grand Ole Opry, Centennial Park (Gma's 1st Visit to Nashville)

 My mom helped me do the 3-day drive to Nashville with the kiddos... and stayed for a few days after to explore Nashville! We love the show "American Pickers"... and one of their stores is about 10 minutes from us... it was so great to see the neat stuff they bought off the show...such a awesome store!  We didn't have to wait when we went... but this past weekend when we drove by, there was a line AROUND the block to get in! I think they make all their money off the T-Shirts they sell there...

 Carter spent the whole time playing with one of Elvis' mics... (oops). None of the workers acted like it was a big deal and it wasn't easily breakable... so.... we let him play. He was just singing away... He begged me to sing with him... so I did...(I mean... it was Elvis' mic!)

 Had to keep dragging Carter away from this Antique DonaldDuck... he was $2500... Please don't touch the duck C!

 Motorcycle!! ($3800)... don't touch the bike!! Elvis guitars... Not For Sale... Don't Touch!! (This was the key phrase of the store.... Don't touch!!

We also made to the Ryman Auditorium... the old Grand Ole Opry... It was a neat place to see.


Johnny Cash's boots!




 We also went to Centennial Park which is one of the biggest parks in Nashville... there's a big train...

There is a lifesize replica of the Parthenon... something about it being a gift given to Nashville or something... (I dunno, when it starts to get to detailed on historical stuff I kinda loose focus;)

 There's this big jet... Carter thought was really cool... I don't have any pics but there's a big duck pond and they ducks are the most well-fed ducks ever. Its a huge pong with tons of ducks... but they get fed so much they just don't even care... it was so wierd!
My mom's friend Scott Bernard, who plays with Kenny Loggins (yes, of Footloose fame.. and she is a super-fan) lives in Nashville, he and his wife came down to show us downtown Nashville and he was kind enough to show Carter his REAL guitar.... Carter was impressed (He likes guitars)... He even let him strum it... which is a pretty big deal I guess cuz it's an expensive guitar... (I don't know the difference... but it looked perrty).
Anyhew... it was fun to start of the summer exploring Nashville! Lots more to come as I'm finally starting to catch up on my blog!


The Forbes said...

that looks like a pretty awesome place to see. glad i got to see some through pics.

The Wrights said...

So fun! I love hearing about all your adventures : )