Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Date with My Kiddos...

So a few weeks ago I spent the whole day out and about with just me and the kiddos... and we ended up having a great time with just the 3 of us! Opry Mills was doing their grand re-opening extravaganza... So Carter meet KungFu Panda, the Lion from Madagascar, and of course... BROBEE from Gabba Gabba (and flex). He was of course completely confused and a little scared... but of course as soon as we started walking away he starts whining to go back... 
 Kestlee got a new teething toy that she loved (and we've already lost)... They were making free animal balloons so Carter asked for a snake... and he poked everyone we walked by with it... It got awkward when I kept saying... "Carter! be careful where you poke your snake!!!" Then realized that is words of wisdom for years to come ;)

 Opry Mills has a Rainforest Cafe and Carter LOVES the Hippo that is outside the restaurant... He's fascinated by it. Now every time I go to that mall I try to avoid that part of the mall or we will spend 15-20 minutes mesmerized by the Hippo.  

There's also a big aquarium... and he loved climbing up and talking to all the fish. There was also a free photobooth thing where they make a flipbook for you out of a bunch of pictures... and facepainting but C was too scared... and free cupcakes and smoothies... a fashion show... etc.
 When we came home he started loving on his sis like usual... "babbbbyyy seeeeester....
 I loooovvvve baby sisssster"

She loves him too... so very much.

And to cap off the day a little mattress sliding. 

 Man... kids can be hard work but I wouldn't want to give them up for anything... I absolutely adore them when they are not driving me crazy ;) 

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♥ Audrey Crisp said...

Haha! I love you! I wish we could hang out! You are so fun and funny. You look great too btw. Your kiddos are too cute!