Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who says there's no snow in Southern California???

Who says it doesn't SNOW in CALIFORNIA!!!! We aren't being wimps by complaining that it's cold in California... Granted this is higher up... not in Murrieta... but we did have a decent amount of snow right in Wildomar... just like.... 2 exits from our house. This is up at Mt. High... not known for its amazing snow but rather for its location.... Usually it consists of a few feet of "real snow" and the rest ends up being manmade... This is ALLL real though... we had a BIG storm come through. Danny, Chase, and Beau ignored the warnings and tried to go snowboarding... The road was closed and the police officer warned them if they go up and get stuck no one is coming after them.... They somehow made it up there with the Xterra and it's glorious 4weel drive.... Only to get in 1 run... get stuck on the lift for 45 minutes... and then have them have to shut down the ramp. At least they got free tickets! I'm just glad they got home safe.... albeit verry late.


The Chalmers: said...

Isn't it nice to have to drive to the snow, I'm so jealous... that's my goal in life to live somewhere where I have to drive to the snow, it doesn't come to me.

jeffandmelissa said...

Hey Steph... I went private on my blog... email your email address and I will add you as my "friend"... isn't that so nice of me :) lol.... hope you had a great Christmas!

oh my email is