Saturday, December 20, 2008


Bear with the photos... we took em with our cellphones and it was dark! Just another reason I LOVE Murrieta... I never knew why there were these big white stars in the middle of streets all over the city... TILL SANTA CAME! Turns out every year Santa comes around on a big sleigh... WITH Rudolph.... and some carolers in the sled... pass out Candy Canes... Sing carols... Take pictures... and collect Canned goods for the needy. It was so much fun! So what if i'm 27... with no kids... and was so happy to see Santa:) We were over at my parents house and so we ran out with Bailee and snapped a few pics with Bailee... I mean... she's our baby girl:) We spoil her. She was SOOOO scared of Santa! It was so funny! She liked Rudolph much better. Anyhew... So glad I live here.

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Mrs. Lyndsee said...

Hey we are in Moreno Valley for xmas. Call me sometime...I think its close by. I might need some rescuing from the in-laws. ;) 405-762-2991. PLLLLeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!