Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our only Christmas Pics!

Sooo... we didn't take many pictures at Christmas I guess! This is all I have from Christmas... Just a "family portrait" with Bailee-gurl and then one from Christmas morning! We broke away from tradition this year and went out to Danny's sister Trish's house for Christmas Eve... we played games and had some grub... Chad and Dave taught... well... tried to teach us Dominoes. Turns out you don't just stack em up in long trails and then push one over... there's an actual game. Chad had all these funky sayings... that's Chad. Anyways on our way back we were able to still make it to the end of the Mattsen's Christmas thingy... but we missed the Mallow fight:( We spent Christmas Day at my parent's house.... they got their Christmas present early... they now have the largest TV of anyone I know. It's massive. We love it. Brandon gave em a Blu-Ray for Christmas so we basically zombied out on the TV all day! We had a great relaxing day!


Anonymous said...

your dog is so cute! how many pets do you have. we just got a puppy and we have 3 kitties

Melissa said...

Oh my freakin gosh! I can't believe it is you! I have been wondering what in the world happened to you, where you are, how you are doing, and I found your blog! yeah! I am glad to see that everything is going good for ya! your husband is super cute and you are livin in Cali! That's great!

charles said...

Wow I found this blog and its so cool!!! Please write more about this older brother Chad you have.