Friday, January 9, 2009

I am... I want... I wonder....

I am: watching the celtics/cavs game and looking at people blogs...
I want: to not have to pay any bills...
I have: the cutest little dog
I dislike: kids that feel they are entitled to everything
I miss: college life.... sometimes. i miss my friends:)
I fear: BEES.
I feel: frazzled.
I hear: Cleveland has an early lead. Anytime Boston looses is a good time.
I crave: the summer weather. and a LemonBerry Slushie from Sonic... too bad its far.
I usually: think i should be doing more.
I search: for good deals. Clearance is one of my favorite words
I wonder: if we'll ever grow up
I regret: not figuring out a way to work with my degree
I love: my family and friends.
I care: how people feel
I always: clean up after my husband, dog, and cats.... eat too much... wish I was on vacation...
I worry: about everything.... and nothing.
Iremember: Having something to do everynite
I believe: we could all be doing a little more
I sing: whether you like it or not
I try not to: stress about too much
I don't always: say the things I should.
I argue: over Xbox
I write: on post-its all the time.
I win: Tetris. I'm pretty good at it. And Scattergories. Domination.
I lose: money at texas holdem. blackjacks bettah.
I wish: teachers and nurses were paid more and sports celebrities were paid less.
I listen: to everything. But not to as much of the rap/hiphip anymore... alot of it has just gone way too far.
I don't understand: Why people get paid millions of dollars to take a picture of britney spears in her car.
I can usually be found: at the computer trying to "work"
I forget: everything.
I am happy: when I forget about all the things that I can't change.

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