Saturday, August 28, 2010

My 8 Month Old Stud Muffin

So my sweet baby is now 8 months old... Yikes!! Here's a few of his updates:
*He's 18 1bs... 28 inches long... Tall and skinny like his mom used to be...
*I had to cut his hair at 7 1/2 months because it was 8 inches long... (gets that from his pops).
*He's got the biggest blue eyes that are gonna be melting hearts for decades to come...
*He crawls like crazy
*He is desperately determined to start walking. He pulls himself up on EVERYTHING and loves when you try to help him walk.
*He's throwing a fit at the moment so I've gotta go take care of him
*Crisis averted... poopy diaper changed!
*He has 3 teeth that have broken thru (2 bottom 1 fang uptop). He's got another on the top that's about to come thru... but it's not quite there yet.
*He's eating: well.. anything I give him. He's fine with any baby food now... he loves pretzels and veggiesticks! I love them to cuz he gets bored so I give him a few of those and they entertain
*He loves loves LOVES to talk. Well... he loves to go AHH!!!! all the time and sometimes makes what I beleive is Mama and Dada at times...
*He loves the computer. at the moment he has the laptop screen bent back and i'm typing without really being able to see the screen. He will NOT be allowed to crawl all over the new laptop that we should be getting (crossing fingers" once summer's over. Danny's work is having a competition right now and he just needs 3 more deals before Tuesday and he'll win an MacBookPro. (well that or one of the other prizes, but we desperatley need a new laptop... though we kinda want to resell the macbook and buy a pc... neither Danny or I are big fans of Apple GASP!)
*He's not sleeping NEARLY as well as he used to... I think it's mostly due to his teeth coming in and growth spurts. Hopefully it will go away once they pop in. He wakes up 2-3 times a night and wants to eat.
*He LOVES to swim. LOVES it. Alot of times I just fill up the tub so he can splash around in it a while and tire himself out.
*He LOVES balloons.
*He LOVES the vaccum. You'd think babies would run from it... Kaycee freaks out... Carter chases me and the vaccum all over the place while I vaccum. If it's sitting out, he tries to climb up on it.
* He loves the car... at least what he remembers of it. He passes out within 5 minutes of driving anywhere... which doesn't help his napping situation since he gets little pet naps in the car, then we get home and I want him to take a nap... he's not feelin it.
*He LOVES wires. any wires. In the car I give him my Car Charger to play with and he just loves it... well.. for about 5 minutes til he falls asleep!
*He still won't take a bottle. He'll drink out of sippy cups just fine.... but no go on the bottle. Which I wouldn't care but we are supposed to go on a 5 day cruise in October and he won't fall asleep without nursing... any suggestions on how to make the switch would be much appreciated ;)
*He's the best! OK... I'll stop writing boring stuff no one probably cares about!


Rachel said...

I've heard that the "boob" bottles work for kids that won't take a bottle. I think the brand is Adiri or something like that but you can google it...
He's precious. =)

dannynstephstoddart said...

I'll have to check those out... Thanks!