Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Dapper Dude...Flying to Seattle... Remington Love...

So I put this cute sweater on Carter my mom bought him... (LOVE IT!) and I thought he looked so cute so I grabbed my camera... then all of a sudden he just let go of the couch and even took a step! Granted, I'm not expecting him to start running around the house... I just thought it was awesome! He just kept standing there for a long time! He LOVES standing.. Though it's through the help of something almost always still... but he is determined to start walking soon...
I got to fly home to California for a few days while we were making the move from Denver to Seattle... Remi got to see Carter and spent tons of time licking him... Carter loved EVERY single lick! On the plane to California... I snapped a few pics... he was so excited to have an extra seat! I even buckled him in and he sat there all thru take off... He loved it! While all the other babies were screaming during turbulence... Carter was squealing for joy! SO funny.

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