Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh how I love Seattle SO much more than Denver...

Have I mentioned how much more I LOVE Seattle than Denver? I know I shouldn't give Denver a bad rap since we weren't in a great part of Denver, and if we weren't there for Danny's work and the weather wasn't such a factor... maybe I'd have a better attitude towards it... BUT... I LOVE SEATTLE!! We are only here about 8 weeks til we are done and back in California... So hopefully we don't get too much of the ugly part of Seattle weather... The past few days have been AWESOME! I LOVE how there are huge trees everywhere... they take their nickname "The Evergreen State" seriously! It's so pretty! We are about 10 minutes from Lake Washington.. which is this HUGE lake... and about 15-20 from the beach. I prefer the lake since the Beaches in Seattle are nowhere near as cool as California's. Lake Washington is my favorite place here... It has a swim area where they have made diving boards about 100 yards out... there's sand volleyball pits, barbeque pits, tennis courts, botanical gardens, etc. We need to find some friends that have a boat or something! We just sat there watching everyone out on their boats and drooled!! :) The water was perfect temperature too... (The beach water was FREEZING.. seeing as it's alaskan/canadian water!). Danny can't wait til Carter can play volleyball...

Carter after a dip in the water...Well... this is when I decided to cut Carter's hair... we cut it the next day and that post should be next ;) It's getting way too nappy!!Well.. Danny's still got it! If ya'll knew Danny growing up, you know he could've been an acrobat... He did backflips and tripletwisty flips... On his first one, all the kids watching (about 20), all started screaming "OHHHHHHH!!!! It was so funny. Carter with a fistful of sand... of course.
Taking a dip..Our friends the Speakers...A group shot of some of the mom's and thier kids here with us in Washington...Carter and his friend Kaycee... He loves to share, she loves to take. It works well right now ;)Me and my sweet boy...and a pic of Emma playing with Carter... And a pic of us! All in all.. a great day!

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