Monday, September 20, 2010

Kaycee's 1st Bday Cake and Party!

Carter's friend Kaycee had her 1st Birthday this past Sunday... so her parents threw her a parrrtay. My friend and I decided to make a cute cake for the Birthday Girl... Gotta love Zebra and polkadots! First time making Fondant... turned out pretty well! It had been a while since I've done any cake-decorating... but boy was it fun! I just might have to replenish my cake decorating supplies... cuz it was fun to do again! The party was at the Stead's place... they lucked out here in seattle... this is the back of their apartment! The slider goes right out to this little "backyard" of sorts... it's super fun and I've envied it the whole stay in Seattle! Anyhew... we roasted some wieners and let the kids run amuck...
I've already decided I'm heading back over to take more pics of him with a cuter outfit on... My little studmuffin!

Kinley, chillin like a villan.
The bigger kids... throwing rocks down the vents.

On the move!
Typical Kaycee...

Oh and one more of my cute little man! It was a fun day! Especially for the kids!


Cassi said...

Of course you just HAD to put that girly picture of Coop in there! ;-) I had fun cake-making with you!

Audrey {Crisp} said...

So impressed with that cake! Great job... Fun times and pics you took!

dannynstephstoddart said...

Oh yea... Cooper's awesome... it was too funny! And thanks Audrey... :)