Sunday, September 19, 2010

Port Defiance Zoo with Gma

Me and my handsome man... My mom came out to visit a few weeks ago and one of the places we went was Port Defiance Zoo...It was pretty awesome!
Just a baby polar bear (ok not even that big!). It was a cool exhibit... while we were in the underwater part of the Polar Bear exhibit, two HUGE PBs came right up against the window fighting... HUGE! They are HUGE! (That's what she said...) There was no way to take a picture to do them justice... but here's a wimpy seal... (in a different exhibit.. but whatevs!)
There were these adorable little snow tiger cubs that came right up... and momma started nursing them too while we were there! SO cute!

These billy goats in the "petting zoo" loved Carter... and the feeling was mutual! (OK the goats mainly loved Carter's veggie sticks and were climbing onto his stroller to get them! it was too cute! Yes I sanitized everything once he was finished...

Carter with Gma... chewing on his hand as always!

All in all, a fun trip!

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