Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pike's Market with Gma Wilson!

So... another trip we took while my mom was out here... Pike's Place Market... and DUH we have to get a picture with the sign!
There were these MASSIVE avocados. This pic doesn't even do them justice. Ummm... doesn't your mouth WATER just looking at this picture?! We bought em. We also bought Salmon and Halibut cheeks to cook... YUM! And we bought a bunch of pastries from 3girls bakery... and I bought some gorgeous flowers for super cheap... There's random people singing all over...
There is this awesome mural in the shops below of "Carter the Great..." yeah... And ALL tuckered out after a long day. No, he didn't take the pills, he just was liking to shake them. Don't worry, super child proof and I was sitting back there watching ;) We also grabbed some yummy chowder at The Crab Pot, and got some CrabMelts and Salmon Quesadillas... ugh I probably gained 10 pounds this week and it was TOTALLY worth it.

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