Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CarterBoy turns ONE!!


Well... my baby boy turned ONE today!!! I can't believe it! I made him a jungle cake.. and a mini jungle cake for Carter to enjoy all to himself! We had our families over for a little birthday fun.. Pizza... cake and ice cream! Carter enjoyed all his fun new toys! Anything involving Balls, Hats, and/or Cars makes him happy... and now dinosaurs it seems. He's a BOY. He wasn't too into devouring the cake... He doesn't really like to get dirty... so not too fun cake shots! We got him a blow up car/ball pin... and my parents got him this cool dino that crawls and growls! They also got him this ball popping toy that he loves but gets a little scared of sometimes! The Orellano's got him a big huge bag o balls to fill up the car... He's a happy guy!

A couple fun things about our 1 yr old...

*He's walking... sometimes! He was doing great.. then got stubborn... He does it when he thinks we aren't watching... silly guy!

*He LOVES music. He jams out to any music that's playing.. even just our cell phones ringing!

*Speaking of cell phones... he LOVES those too!! I've grabbed a few of my old ones for him to play with so he doesn't ruin our nice ones.

*He has 8 teeth!

*Favorite Foods: Popcorn... Goldfish... Fries... Applesauce... Cheese! He also LOVES ice cream but he doesn't get much of that ;)

*He's very tall and skinny... He wears 12 month pants but they are so big on the waist!

*His hair is still so LONG... but the good news is the rest of his head is catching up with the mohawk!

*He can play in the tub for a good long hour and not get bored... seriously... I just take my phone with me and surf the www while he's splashin' around

*I adore him and can't wait for the next year of this stud's life!


Audrey Crisp said...

Happy birthday dude! I love that family pic of you all! How hot do you look? Such a cute little family! P.S. That cake rocks! ; )

salt lake city slickers said...

yay! so awesome! turner didn't eat his cake either. ha, funny boys!

jennifer rogers said...

he is too dang cute! I love the shot of you and him, isn't being a mommy fun?!!! I just laughed and laughed when I read that he wears a 12 month and it's big on little Anna wears 18-24 months and she is just a couple of weeks older than Carter too funny! I sure wish we lived closer so we could visit you guys!

Cassi said...

Super cute cake!! Happy birthday Carter!!

Rachel said...

SO cute! Love the hat. =)

PS, Felicity wears size 12 months too, and the waists are pretty much too small for her.

The Forbes said...

I bet that year cruised by. He is so cute. And I love that cake you made so creative.