Friday, December 10, 2010


So I hardly took any pics on the Northstar Cruise... and the ones I did were with my Cell Phone... but we had a great, relaxing time! Well.. after the stinkin flight delays. BUT the airport ending up being interesting... Brendan Frasier was on our flight and he was SUPER nice... we ended up talking to him the whole flight delay.
We went to Key West for a day, and Cozumel. The weather was absolutely gorgeous... thank goodness. (usually we end up leaving great weather in CA and travel to worse weather... thankfully the weather cooperated!).
It was really hard to leave Carter for so long... but it was really nice to get away and relax after the long summer... Even better when the whole trip is free thanks to Northstar and Danny's hard work!

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Ashley&Nathan Speaker said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!! I love the picture of booths brother!!! :) He was so nice!!