Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So the other day I was making Orange Rolls... and my uber-picky eater decided to climb up and see what I'd been doing.. (Don't worry, anyone who ate the rolls, his feet and hands and bum did not get in the dough... this is all after they are in the oven;)... anyhew... so my child who hardly eats ANYTHING decided he LOVES to eat.... FLOUR??? He just kept licking his fingers, wiping it up... and eating it. What a goober. I took a fwe pics and then had to try and clean it all up fast so he wouldn't have a belly full of flour. What a goober. As you can see... he had a lot of fun playing in the flour too.. Oye!

PS, I'm not sure if that's snot or a swipe of the orange roll filling... use your imagination... just don't let it ruin you from enjoying Orange Rolls :)

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