Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lil Bacon Lover...

As I've mentioned in previous posts... my child is a VERY picky eater. We found something new he loves though... BACON! I made him a whole plate full... and well... he ate the entire thing. I'm not even upset he ate that much bacon since he hardly EVER eats. He can use a little fat on his bones anyhew ;)
oh... and we did find something else he likes... protein shakes! Danny let him go to town on one the other day when he was being especially picky and I was freaking out about being a bad mother and can't get my kid to eat anything blah blah blah... well.. at least he got a full belly! He just guzzled it and it drooled all over. He looks a little crazy in the first picture.. I think he forgot what it felt like to be full. We switched to Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks since they take the same but a little less intense for mr. pint-size.
Hopefully he'll start realizing how great OTHER foods are soon. Like a sandwich. Who doesn't want a good ol PBJ every once in a while?!

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Megan and Mike said...

he eats like a true man:) he is sooooo tall, he is so cute and is always doing funny lil things, cant wait till i have a boy, they are so fun and so different then girls thats for sure