Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trip back to CA to visit Gma n Gpa!

At the end of July, Carter n I flew back home to see family... Carter got to do lots of fun things with Gma n Gpa... we went to the beach... (It was really overcast in the morning... but warmed up later).. He played frisbee and ball... it looks like he was eating sand.. but it was my fault trying to spray sunscreen on him after he'd already been playing for an hour... oops!
He wore himself out... and yes... he fell asleep with his hand inside the SunChips bag... it stayed there the whole way home...
Carter also got to "garden" with Gpa... my dad had to fix a sprinkler and Carter had alot of fun "helping"...
And Gpa found a worm... Super Cool!!
We also went to the Duck Pond... and fed Carter had lots of fun feeding them... (he did try to get in once...) There was a sweet duck with a mohawk... he was my favorite!
And this is us before Church... (He lasted about an hour and a half..) Ahhh California.. we will be back in less than 2 months and Danny won't have to work for a few months.. and we will be having a baby... Whew there's aLOT going on in the next few months!

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