Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holiday Park

I've been trying to find some places left in Indianapolis to explore before we leave next week... (plus i'm just SO tired of going stir crazy in this stinkin' apartment!)... Carter adores our friend Cassi and sh'es got two little boys... so they play together... we ran over to this place called Holiday Park in between rainstorms... and it was a fun park! There's about 5 different playgrounds that are all unique and made for different ages... there was even this HUGE one for "12 yr olds" (i'm guessing that's the last age before it's 'uncool' to climb on a playground). It was over 15 ft tall.  They have this big sawdust pile the kids can climb up... roll down... whatev!
There's tons of different slides...
Carter loved this little ladder steps one of the playgrounds had... 
He's really loving to climb... He got all the way up this.. but then couldn't figure out how to get up on the platform... slid down, cried, gave me a hug, and climbed right back up!
Climbing on the sawdust some more... the pope boys are scheeming up top ;)
We were trying to walk over to the statues... Carter didn't want to move. He did however.. want to throw rocks.
The park has these monuments and statues that they get from other parts of the country.. they would've been destroyed but instead they transplant them here... There was one from Washington DC from one of the original buildings from when the country was being formed.
The boys on top of a column...

Swinging... Carter is obsessed with swings.. like most kids I suppose.
One more of the sawdust hill... It's a pain in the rear to move this picture up by the rest... so here ya go... see it's huge!

These bars go up about 7 ft tall... Carter climbed the whole freakin thing... but he was about to the top and couldn't get on the platform... started freaking out... so I started freaking out since I didn't want to leave from under him and climb up to grab him in case he fell thru... Finally this dad there who couldn't speak a lick of English helped get him to the top. I told him thanks... hopefully he understood me ;)
It started to rain... but it was fun while we were there... minus Carter's little tantrums he throws when I don't let him do whatever I want him to... which is usually something dangerous! Score one for Indianapolis! If you're ever here.. I'd recommend going... it's a huge place!

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