Friday, September 2, 2011

Indianapolis Zoo

Ok... so every Zoo says they are "voted #1" and blah blah but sometimes you go and your a little dissapointed... NOT with the Indy Zoo. It was so fun to go to! (At least for me!). It might have helped a bit that we went early in the morning... I guess the animals are more active then... but it was great. We were able to get right up close to many of the animals, and the exhibits that had glass between were very clean. They even had a pretty decent dolphin show!

They do an "Elephant Bath" where they give a big huge elephant a fun little scrubdown... shows us some of her tricks... and she's literally inches from ya. Then, after the show, they even let you come up and pet the elephant! How cool! Their skin is NOT soft.
This little beaut decided to pose for us... so I had to snap a pic...
The Popes came out to visit Papa Pope... so we all went together. We just love the Popes... we are excited to have them out here for the next month before we all head back home!
Carter was digging the cones in the road... "They were cones!!" (Movie reference).
Carter was pretty enamored with these heffers. And they liked to come right by the glass over and over... so we were here a while...
This tiger was feisty... he kept running back and forth right and front of the boys... they thought it was pretty cool and kept running after him.
They had this big tank filled with err... I forgot the type of shark... dogshark maybe? Anyhew... you got to touch them. They were SUPER silky and smooth... like a sting ray. Carter kept putting his hand in to touch em... but right as it got under his hand he'd pull it out... it was kinda funny. He totally dug it though. Over in the corner they have a "No Petting Zone" and one of the sharks was doing tricks... like a dolphin... he would go vertical, his head and half his body out of the water, and swim backwards. It was pretty funny. I didn't get a pic cuz I was holding C up and he was having too much fun with it.
OK THIS was the coolest part. You get to FEED GIRAFFES! My mom is so jealous. This was so cool... The giraffes come RIGHT UP to you. You just pay a $1 per chunk of sweet potato.. and the giraffe comes and gets it. It even took it out of Carters hand! Their tongues are like sandpaper. They are so stinking cute. I'm officially a real giraffe fan.

The hubsters... trying to act excited. I don't see how it could be such a bother to be at this Zoo... some can be a drag... but this one was awesome. (He enjoyed it... he just started getting hot).

Carter found this bridge super entertaining. It's one that shimmies a bit when you walk on it... so he kept jumping and running back and forth on it. He probably would've stayed here for a long time.

Yea it's a bird... But Carter thought it was pretty sweet so I took a pic.
Oh and this is the newest addition to the Zoo... this cute little Elephant!!! How cute is she!!
All in all... I had fun... Carter had fun... hopefully Danny had some fun.... I thought it was well worth it... and I'd highly recommend it if you happen to find yourself in Indianapolis!

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Audrey Crisp said...

What a fun zoo! Those animals are darling!!