Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carter's 2nd Bday

So I just realized I'm way behind on my blog... I mean... I even have another kid since my last blog ;) Carter's Bday was on the 21st of December... but Carter and I had been super sick the week leading up to it... and all my plans of throwing him a super duper cute CookieMonster party went the way of the buffalo. Oh well. We ended up just taking the presents we got him over to my parent's house and letting him have fun opening... I swear, next year I am NOT going to be sick OR knocked up and he's getting kick-a partay! But instead of the super cute cake... we grabbed a leftover cupcake from my brother's work party (they share the same bday) and stuck a few candles in it. (Which, if ya know me I'm all about attempting to be crafty and make an artsyfartsy cake, so you know I was WAY sick and 9 1/2 months preggo... or I wouldn't have done this!) My parents got him some fun books, a golf set (the boy LOVES golf, his dad is so proud... and claims he has a wicked follow thru...) Danny and I got him a big basketball hoop... (if there's one thing he loves more than golf, it's bakkeball!!) Oh... and to round out his list of favorite things at the time... We scored him some cute DC shoes... he loves shoes. What do ya do. It was way low-key and that's ok... Oh and I love this pic below... He kept doing this face every time he blew out the candles. Yes, everytime, since he kept saying "Again!"... so we would relight the candles and let him blow em out again. (Hey, if he doesn't get his own cake... he might as well blow out his candles as many times as he desires!). Happy Bday Carter-boy!

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♥ Audrey Crisp said...

Happy 2nd birthday buddy! I'd say you did great! Especiallly being sick and about to pop! What a cutie!