Saturday, February 25, 2012

Introducing Kestlee Marie!

So finally I'm getting to my blog... After ALLLL my complaining about being so uncomfortable... the sleepness nights... the grumpy, moody, angry lady I became... Kestlee Marie Stoddart arrived January 9th , at 9ish in the morning. She was a dainty 8.10lbs and 20" long. She took FOREVER to get out... and then shot right out... To explain here's how the labor story goes (for those interested):


 OK here goes:
I'd been having inconsistent contractions for like a week. Every night I'd get them, finally start timing them to see what I was dealing with, and they'd stop. Sunday morning, at about 2am, I started getting what I thought was contractions(I wasn't sure, with Carter my water just broke and I had to go right in, they got an epidural in me and didn't really feel much til I was deep into labor). I started timing AGAIN, they were about 10 minutes apart... and then suddenly slowed again. I didn't sleep all night, so Danny took Carter to church and I stayed home to sleep. 
We usually go to my parents for Sunday dinner... but weren't sure if we were gonna make it since my contractions started up again and started getting closer. We waited til Carter woke from his nap... which by then my contractions were about 5-6 minutes apart... we decided to pack C some stuff and went to eat dinner. But as soon as we got to my parents, I thought, OK its time. So Danny shoveled his dinner in and we got to the hospital. 
 It was about 5pm by then...(so already we are looking at 13 hrs). I was at a 4 so they admitted me. It was only me and this other girl in the labor/delivery ward. She delivered at 9pm so pretty much the whole wing was mine. A few hours go by, nothing much changes. My doctor (who I disliked before and was hating even more now) was the doc on call... but I guess he didn't find it important to do much of anything... so FINALLY around 4am when they called him they gave permission to start some pitocin to speed it up. 
Oh yea, PS...  there's this little asain dude who's one of the anesthesiologists there... I got worried since he seemed to be watching the Laker game we had on more than where he was sticking the epidural needle, but I take back all my angry thoughts towards him since I DIDN'T FEEL A THING after that epidural got in. With C I was reallllly feelin em by 8... not sure if the epidural wore of with him or what, but miniature asain anesthesiologist was magnificent. I only pushed the button 3 times... the 1st was just because I wanted to, and the other two times was right before pushing... sort of a precautionary shot. 
OK I'm babbling now. So after 31 hours of contractions... They finally told me to start pushing. I pushed twice and they screamed at me to STOP pushing. I guess her head was already out and my doc hadn't decided to grace us with his presence.
 So I sat there spread eagle with her head sticking out until he came... while everyone is in awe of her head moving around and commenting that she has a full head of dark hair. Great time for convo while everyone's staring down there while we wait... You loose all sense of decency when you're in labor. Well, he showed up, I pushed once more, she plopped out and I was in love with this huge chunk of baby.
 Don't be jealous... but she started nursing about 15 minutes after she was born, and nursed for a good 25 minutes straight. So different from Carter. She's such a good baby. She eats NONSTOP. She didn't even get to wear all her newborn clothes. She's wearing 3months mostly now... Don't get even more jealous that she was sleeping a good 10 hrs a night since she's been home. She's asleep by 8:30 everynight, sometimes wakes up around 4am to eat and falls right back asleep til about 9ish. Yeah. Baby girl can SLEEP.
 Anyhew. well for those who want to know how the new Loma Linda Hospital's LEGEND..... wait for it.... DARY! (I've been watching How I Met Your Mother from the start...). But really, it was perfect. PERFECT. It's all brand new. Everyone is SOOOO nice. (my doctor doesn't count since he's not an actual employee at the hospital, he just delivers there if the mom wants to). The rooms are so clean and almost feel like a decent hotel. It's a Seventh Day Adventist hospital (all Loma Linda hospitals are in case you didn't know). They don't eat meat... but they do serve a few meat items for the patients that you can't buy in the hospital cafeteria. The food was GOOD. Yes it's hospital food...but it really was GOOD! I even shared it with Danny. There's this TurkeyAvocado Aioli on Ciabatta that was yummy... and a cheesecake that was pretty yummy, some tasty waldorf salads... I was very impressed! And they bring you this "Congratulations" meal for you to share with your husband the first night... where they bring whatever meal you want, with Sparkling Cider and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries! Anyhew... They are fantastic and I totally recommend delivering there if ya can. Of course... I haven't actually gotten the bill yet... but oh well... the difference in price  from the other hospitals was possibly worth it. They were wonderful. Can't say enough good things about them. Anyhew... I'm dragging on... but She's here and we love her! 

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♥ Audrey Crisp said...

Congrats again! What a story. That hospital sounds amazing!!! Chocolate dipped strawberries? Wtf? Sparkling cider??? Ugh... I shared a room with two different strangers and our hospital was so busy I had to give birth to him in the Operating room! Not cool.. I am jealous she nurses and sleeps so well! Hopefully my next will!